Little 'n' Large

Kagil's Laboratory, and the Tower of Ivory

Session 55

At some point the party was able to make prayers to the gods for bonuses.

After defeating the five dragons, the heroes rest for a short while, before deciding to push on to Kagil’s laboratory. Exiting the chamber, the party moves into a temple (?), hosting a ceremony by a Paladin of Tiamat, wielding one of the Doomswords (which one?) and attended by some priests and guards. The Little ‘n’ Large press the attack to disrupt their ritual, and prevail despite crowds of minions also rushing in to the attack (Encounter 1).

They then make their way to Kagil’s laboratory, where they find him performing strange arcane and surgical operations on various creatures in cages. During the fight the PCs are assaulted by flying Rust Monsters and are able to despatch various technicians before they can release some of the creations to join the attack. Kagil is pinned in a corner of the room and beaten mercilessly (Encounter 2). Theorn can smell that shifters have been there and Kagil admits to using them to power his evil magics (or sacrificing them, something nefarious anyway.)

2017-06-03_15.56.17_Tarrasque_Feet.jpg During the battle, Kagil is charging up a portal that he says will unleash a Tarrasque upon his enemies once it has reached full strength. After defeating the Beholder, the party jumps through the portal and finds itself in a large tower housing a baby Tarrasque. The largest of the Little ‘n’ Large barely come up over the monster’s feet but there are staircases around either side and various tubes feeding arcane energy into it. Theorn took the initiative, ran up the staircase, tightroped across onto the Tarrasques back and started pulling the feeding tubes out of it’s back. Meanwhile the rest of the party began to try and break the tubes or otherwise distract the beast. With some climbing, some falling, some flying and some soaking up of arcane energy the party are finally able to prevail and bring the gargantuan creature down (Encounter 3).

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesAction PointsDaily Powers usedPrayersExperience PointsLevel
HollanFull (159)8 left?Displacer Feyleather Armour?202,56321
Kavaki509 left1Rune of Meritorious Alacrity, Rune of Boundless Fury, Avalanche Assault, Rune of Reinvigoration, Gloves of Grace1x Pass a Saving Throw194,82321
MaxFull (129)4 left?Wrath of the Gods, Arcane Gate, Call From the Brink, Winged Boots?214,84022
Pennyworth1329 left?Command Insanity, Ring of Shadowguard, Stone of Flame1x Pass a Saving Throw205,11321
PieterFull (175)8 left?Wrath of the Gods, Corona of Blinding Radiance, Magic Shield, Spirit of the Virtuous Charger, Holy Symbol, Alliance Band?212,49522
Théorn135 (+6?)8 left?None? Seriously? Against a Tarrasque? Even a baby one!?2x Hit to Crit ,
1x Reroll Attack +5


Theorn has to save his daily powers, as he requires them to supercharge him for super-specific fights, especially as he can also use them to fuel one of his class powers. Also, there was some mention of benefits if Theorn manages to not rage until the right time…


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