Little 'n' Large

Bogwarts faculty visit to a Tiamat retreat

Session 54

The PCs move on from their victory over the Bogwarts students, while in a cell to one side the goliath Kavaki breaks free from his confinement and psychological conditioning. Throwing off the role they have given him of “Gagrid”, he roars “You’re a wizard, Harry!” and with Pelor’s divine blessing breaks free from the shackles, reinvigorated and restored.

Locking his two jailers in his cell, he finds his equipment stored outside and suits up, as the party enters and recognises the man that they found beside months ago on their trip out from the Borderlands. Kavaki, finding the group that he has been searching for in the hopes that they can lead him to Merrick, and thus his cousin, falls in step with the group as they burst through the double doors to confront Shansi and the Bogwarts faculty.

After a pitched battle involving professors, automata and potions being flung everywhere with abandon they finally accept the surrender of Shansi and negotiate terms. Shansi reluctantly agrees to provide them with the means to teleport into Shivastri’s lair, on condition that the party ensures that her mother and her bully of an older brother are executed to prevent any repercussions from his actions. Somewhat sadly, Shansi also informs the group that if they are to prevail, then her father Kagil and his “project” must also be destroyed before an assault on Shivastri.

The party are presented with three options for teleporting in to avoid setting off the alarms, as all transport is rigidly scheduled now:

  1. 10 students are expected in 4 hours time, to attend to The Fist of Tiamat on a 3 day spiritual retreat. These are five chromatic dragons (Black, White, Red, Green, Blue)
  2. 2 students are expected in 10 hours time, to assist Kagil in his laboratory
  3. Shansi and an entourage are expected in 24 hours time, for a large family gathering

The party decides that time and speed are of the essence, and opts to assault the meditative retreat as it is the first opportunity, and one with sufficient numbers that they are more confident that the teleportation will take the whole group and without setting off alarms.

The group prepares themselves, and takes along with them Nox and three students who are assigned the task of studying the teleportation circles to make sure we can use them for a speedy exit later.

The dragons are taken by surprise and thrown off balance by three of them being turned into frogs by Max, the party’s very own Sorcerer Supreme. The black dragon is then swiftly dispatched while Pennyworth bravely keeps the Blue dragon at bay. Rallying together, the group takes down the White dragon and the Red dragon before some aerial acrobatics with the Green dragon nearly spells poison doom for many PCs. Good prevails, and the two remaining dragons are defeated, leaving the party to rest and lick their wounds, to steel themselves for a stealth mission to destroy the Beholder’s laboratory…

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience PointsLevel
Hollan?? remaining?189,10621
Kavaki13011 remainingAvalanche Assault, Brand of Arcing Lightning, Rune of Meritorious Alacrity, Gloves of Grace, Fortune’s Nod181,36621
Max?? remaining?201,38321
Pennyworth?? remaining?191,65621
Pieter?? remaining?199,03821
Théorn?? remaining?200,70521



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