Little 'n' Large

Home, sweet home

Session 29

Day 5 in the Feywild, continued:

It is now night time. People are streaming home from the party and many shifters shout “Théorn ni-Kalashnakash” in the streets. There are not many eladrin around. We return to our quarters at House Fallael’s palace and sleep.

Day 6 in the Feywild:

In the morning many of the party are hungover from the previous night’s festivities. A mangy looking weasel and a bright-eyed squirrel wait at the window to deliver messages. The weasel bows clumsily and says Halley Windrunner requests our presence. She is staying elsewhere in House Fallael. The squirrel bows elegantly and says Lady Carpathia wishes our presence to bestow upon us some recompense for our great services.

We head first to see Lady Carpathia. The city seems subdued, with eladrin in the streets looking a bit down but the few shifters we see look revitalised. Arriving at the palace, there’s a new Castellan, looking nervous and young at barely 100 years old. We say we’re expected and he leads us in. The palace feels clean and verdant, but a bit less ornate and glamorous than before. The furnishings and fixtures tend more to simple elegance.

We’re lead to a room with simple wooden furnishings, and an array of items on a wooden table. Carpathia thanks us for rescuing her. She says the lamia caused irreparable damage to House Summer, including squandering its resources and people. However, she feels it necessary to reward us to the best of her ability and grants to us a selection of boons (Théorn, Pennyworth and Napoleon) or items (Pieter and Max). Hollan did not partake in the rescue, but she offers her thanks for his support of his comrades.

We say thanks, and she asks again for our discretion and says to remember that we have a friend in Lady Carpathia. She gives Pieter a ribbon as a sign of her favour, and gives the group the consumable items from the table.

We go to see Halley and she welcomes us into her quarters. She has unfortunate news for us. Time flows differently in the Feywild, and has been faster than she feared. She can only offer us transportation back to the mundane realm until sunset tomorrow before her magic fades. She doesn’t wish to delay in case too much time passes back home. She’s heard news that Shivastri fears the blade of St Bradaman, a paladin of Bahamut, and has sent Kerrigan, the blue dragon, to the Temple of the Clear Springs to find information on its location. We explain that we have to wrap up finding Elf-Sorrow, but should be able to do it in time. Halley seems agitated. We arrange to meet at Dappledown two days hence.

We send word to Fereal to arrange meeting in an hour’s time, to give us time to stock up on supplies. Pennyworth goes shopping for a chess set and finds an elegant marble set (800gp, +2 to chess playing when using this set). Max gets her dresses and the rest go to the magic shop to buy some Potions of Healing. Elthien is there and inspects the fit of Hollan’s new armour. Pennyworth discusses with him the possibility of enchanting the headband in the future when the power of his gems runs out. Elthien is not impressed when during the course of this conversation he learns that we’re going to help Halley Windrunner.

We go to meet Fereal. His eyes are still red and bloodshot, but he is ready to guide us to the grove. He rides away from the city and we follow to the wood’s edge, where he pauses thoughtfully before entering. Following in his wake we see his wintry aura affecting the forest, and are walking through snowy evergreens. About 40 minutes in he stops and says that this is the grove. We feel a chill wind run past us, making our hair stand on end. Fereal believes that the malign influence of the sword affects this area, and that the grove is guarded. He will go no further and directs us to an entrance beyond two trees. We thank him, and head through the entrance.

Inside we find a small clearing with numerous small trees and one large, twisted redwood type tree with roots rising and dropping in and out of the ground as they wind across the clearing. The tree radiates power, and we hear the sound of sobbing on the edge of the breeze. Max senses something here from beyond the grave, something with unresolved business. We approach the tree, alert for trouble and as we approach the sobbing sounds increase. Max reflects on ways to appease those who have been unable to pass on.

As Théorn approaches the tree, the ghostly form of a Longtooth shifter appears, kneeling and sobbing. It has a long white streak in its hair and doesn’t seem to see us until Théorn greets him, upon which he lets out a long, pitiful howl. His gaze turns to us, showing something (surprise? fear? hope?) and he stops sobbing. He says he tried his best for his people, and asks if Théorn comes to fulfil his hopes.

A voice behind us says “You will cease talking”, and a woman with beautiful but exaggeratedly fey features steps forward. She is dressed in a simple white dress and has a gold locket around her throat. She tells us to stop talking to the beast and leave the grove. Théorn refuses and she says “End them”, upon which several trees uproot themselves and stomp towards us to attack (Encounter 1).

Théorn talks to the ghost of Kalashnakash. He is not happy that Théorn is using a sword, and worries about the fate of the shifter tribes. Théorn reassures him that the twelve tribes still exist in the fey realm, and that no other shifter wields a “long tooth”. He refuses to allow Théorn to take the sword though, saying it is too dangerous. Théorn tells of the hunting and enslavement of the shifters in the fey realm. Napoleon says the blade is to be used to destroy Shivastri. Kalashnakash says he hoped never to hear that name again. Pennyworth suggests that it can be used to defend elven tribes, such as the Windrunner tribe, as penance. The ghost is not impressed and says it is not intentions that he doubts, but control. Napoleon suggests that Kalashnakash accompany Théorn to keep him on the straight and narrow. The ghost is not sure if this is possible, and looks to Max as the nearest expert. Upon reflection, Max says it can be done with the Raven Queen’s blessing. Kalashnakash seems to be happy with this, as long as we stick together, and says he will test Théorn and the rest of us (Skill challenge? What did we roll?). Not all of the party pass the tests, but Théorn does and so Kalashnakash agrees but warns that if the sword is used to slay an innocent child then he will use all his means to destroy Théorn.

The ghost fades away on the wind and the tree splits to show a stairwell descending. We step in, with torches at the ready. Frost-rimed roots surround the staircase, and deep down we enter a cavern. Buried in the middle, half-way up the very large blade, is a sword. It resonates with ‘wrong’ power, with moon symbols on either side. Kalashnakash tells Théorn to draw the sword. He does so (Quest).

We promptly hear cackling laughter coming from the entrance, and a form shimmering in blackness strides down to attack, accompanied by two driders (Encounter 2). Upon defeating Black Annis, Pennyworth consumes her soul to feed The Green Fire Within.

We depart the grove. Fereal is no longer here, and searching we find his corpse. It appears that Black Annis ambushed him, putting him to sleep and then cutting his throat. We take his body and journey back to Dappledown, the sun setting and rising while we travel.

Day 7 in the Feywild:

Entering the village, we are greeted by happy gnome children. We speak to Quellesteen, the leader, and ask her to arrange for Fereal’s body to be taken back to his family. Pennyworth tells her that Black Annis is no more, and the gnome village celebrates.

Halley Windrunner arrives later in the evening, with an entourage of 20 eladrin guards from different houses. Pieter greets her, and she seems pleased to see us. The guards relax when they see who we are. Captain Dubarr of House Winter leads them, and they are here to help against Shivastri. They gesture to begin the ritual to open the portal to the normal realm. A golden path opens and the eladrin set off ahead of us, leaving us struggling to catch up. The elves disappear ahead of us as we’re held back (Skill Challenge? Arcana, Nature and Endurance checks).

Day ?:

Reality snaps back into place, and we find ourselves in front of about 50 orcs. A large matriarch confronts us in surprise. Regaining her composure, she says the six of us will face their six best warriors. An arena is set up and we are confronted by 6 orcs while a group of spectators watches. The spectators include the orc matriarch chieftain and an elegantly dressed goblin that Pieter can identify from markings on his jewellery as a supporter of Shivastri. The fight starts and Pieter strides forward and strikes one down in a single blow. The gathered crowds roar in rage and the whole orc tribe charges us (Encounter 3). We defeat the Broken-knuckle tribe and take the goblin hostage for interrogation.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?31,999 (11)
Max?? remaining?32,097 (12)
Napoleon786 remainingNone33,408 (12)
Pennyworth?? remaining?33,153 (12)
Pieter?? remaining?32,582 (12)
Théorn459 remainingCombat Surge, Frost Wolf Rage33,289 (12)



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