Little 'n' Large

Summer ball

Session 27

Day 3 in the Feywild, continued:

We take six tail feathers from the harpies as proof of our endeavours. Napoleon attaches a note, written in common and explaining that they are working to free the shifters, to the harpy that was left alive. It is woken and flies off to the south-east, towards some mountains, somewhat confused. The party then retires to the farmhouse to rest. The guards kick some shifters out to sleep in the open to make space, and we hear them calling out in the night for the angels to come and take away their tormentors.

Day 4 in the Feywild:

We set off back to Titrian on a misty morning. The route is safe and speedy, and we arrive around noon. Making our way through the crowds to our contact, Théorn spies some shifters of types he hasn’t seen before (beaver and skunk) and Napoleon and Hollan are pickpocketed for 150gp each.

Arriving at our meeting with Meklel, we present him with the harpy tail feathers. He acknowledges our fulfilment of the agreement and officially extends an invitation into the city to us. He seems impressed with our success and says that House Fallael may want to “deepen our friendship” at a later date.

Meklel escorts us to the city entrance to formally invite us in, but about 100ft from the gates a group of figures approach. Three are armoured and wearing House Autumn symbols, but the other three are dressed in finer clothes and sport House Miheil decorations. One is particularly well dressed and aristocratic looking. Meklel greets this last as Bastil Miheil. Bastil notes that until we reach the city gates our invitation doesn’t come into force and Houses Autumn and Miheil are free to stand together against his brother Kellerin‘s murderers. House Autumn told him they had visions of Kellerin’s end and our involvement. He wants vengeance, and in particular wants his brother’s armour “carved from the animal’s body”, leading an attack against us (Encounter 1).

The battle ends with the surrender of Bastil Miheil after too many of his allies are defeated. He offers an invitation into the city from House Miheil to parley. Pieter negotiates with him as we head towards the gates. The gates themselves are made of ironwood and are clad in ivy, and guarded by ceremonial guards from each of the Seasonal Houses. A robed figure with folded arms greets us and asks who enters. Bastil and Meklel both formally sponsor us and we are welcomed in, though Théorn and Pennyworth are advised not to remain too long.

We pass through the gates and see a grand palace that rotates in the centre of the city. A weathervane on the top is currently pointing towards a sun, which we take to be indicating that the evening’s court will be held in the palace of House Summer, as we’ve previously been told. We accept the hospitality of House Fallael and are taken to ?? by Meklel.

Mira, our concierge, greets us and advises us to avoid the areas of House Miheil and House Autumn. She escorts us to living quarters and assigned two shifter servants: one female razorclaw and one skunk shifter (who informs us that they’re called “Stinkers”).

Théorn talks to the shifters while Pennyworth asks Mira about Lucan, the elf that Alyssa Withers is searching for. Mira says she could announce our presence to him if he is here, but she can’t confirm whether he is or not. She asks if we are associates of Alyssa, to which Pieter responds that we ask on her behalf.

Max studies a map of the city while Napoleon and Pieter go to trade in the various furs and gems we’ve acquired. They find Sharrod Yirrian, who describes himself as a custodian of interesting items, rather than a shopkeeper. He gives us 10% more than we expected for the displacer beast furs and still seems happy. After payment, Pieter asks him why he was so happy with the deal and he responds that an artisan needs such things but that unless he were distracted by the acquisition of an interesting item his manners would not allow him to reveal who. Pieter gives him a Talon Amulet +1 and Sharrod reveals that he is one of just 5 suppliers to the artisan Elthien. He even says he could arrange an introduction within a few days, or sooner if we have an item that might interest Elthien. It will cost us 10% of the price of the item we procure as commission. Pieter tells him we have the skin of a displacer beast packlord, and Sharrod says he may even meet with us the same day.

Max goes dress shopping, meanwhile, in her little girl disguise. She finds a shop and is attended to by an eladrin lady and a hedgehog shifter. She is offered a beautiful dress in return for a favour. If she embarrasses Lyril Miheil at a public function then the dress is hers. She’s given a nice summer dress until the favour is done. Pennyworth procures a decorative burqa for 20gp.

At around 5:00pm a squirrel appears at our window and sings, inviting us to a meeting with Elthien and Sharrod. We all go to see what develops, and on entering the shop we find an incredibly old looking eladrin seated with two strange looking tools. Elthien speaks with short, clipped tones of impatience but is very pleased with the displacer beast packlord pelt, especially with how fresh it is. He makes us an offer. For 4,000gp he will produce either 3 suits of displacer beast armour +3, or a single suit of displacer beast armour +4. We settle on some feyleather displacer armour +4 for Hollan Darkwing to wear, and pay Sharrod the 400gp commission we owe him. Pennyworth also presents the elemental gemstones he acquired from the Temple of the Clear Springs and asks for a circlet of some sort to be made. This costs him 400gp.

We then go to spruce up before attending the Summer court in the evening. Hollan finds a local gnome who decorates his armour in summer themes in return for the crystal ball that Hollan has been keeping.

Bastil Miheil arrives to escort us to court in the Summer palace. It is a glorious golden palace, though there is a feeling of tension in the air. Sprites and faeries fly decorations around the large ballroom. There is a sandy circle in the centre of the room, then about 20ft out from that a circular table. We are welcomed by a maître d’ called The Castellan, who explains the etiquette and process of the evening. The guests arrive in order of importance, with the most important being last. Then petitions are brought before The Lady of the Seasons, before finally getting to food and entertainment.

He then announces our arrival and takes us to our various seats. Théorn is seated at the periphery with some rough looking adventurers, including a half-orc. Pieter is seated with Bastil Miheil, on his (Pieter’s? Bastil’s?) request. The remainder of the party are placed with other non-eladrin, including a human woman later identified as Alyssa Withers.

We get settled in, exchanging pleasantries to a general hubbub of gossip and discussion. Then the leaders of the noble houses of Titrian are announced: Saldine Dejarin arrives with a bladeling, and Tuthien Miheil arrives along with his daughter, Lyril Miheil. Finally, The Lady of the Seasons enters. She is tall and spindly, with legs that bend in many places, and walks with an almost clockwork gait. She wears a mask indicating summer, and we can see those of other seasons around her head.

She sits, and calls for petitions. First to approach her is Halley Windrunner, an elf who gives an impassioned speech asking for a fourth and final time for her eladrin cousins to give aid to her tribe before they are completely destroyed by the dragon Shivastri. The Lady waves her away, much to her distress. There are then a few minor disputes between nobles, one of which leads to a brief duel between a pair of eladrin in the sandy arena and resulting in the death of one of the combatants. Finally, Alyssa Withers approaches The Lady and requests to be allowed to speak to Lucan about her sister. She emphasies that she means him no harm and simply wants to ask some questions. The Lady ignores her completely.

Lyril Miheil remarks idly to Pieter that the party is boring, with only a single death so far. Food is served, and she chats to Pieter, asking the manner of her older brother Kellerin’s death. Pieter explains in diplomatic terms, but she is not at all unhappy as she is now next in line to be leader of House Miheil.

Théorn talks to the half-orc at his table in draconic. His name is Ugg Dwarfslayer, and he is here as a guest of House Dejarin, trying to work his way home to the mundane realm. Pennyworth enquires about Fereal and has him pointed out as the eladrin closest to Théorn’s part of the table. He goes over to talk to him. Fereal is in a bit of a funk, seeming haunted and his eyes searching the crowds. Pennyworth says he wishes to hear his stories. Fereal replies that he wants only one thing, and that “he has been taken from me” as he “lost him two years ago in this den of sin”. He refers to his friend/partner/lover Mathis Andrellian, a paladin in House Summer who disappeared two years ago. Nobody will talk to Fereal of it when he tries to ask. Pennyworth offers to assist him in return for stories of Kalashnakash.

Napoleon is approached by the bladeling that arrived with Saldine Dejarin. He introduces himself as Kennet Sharma and says he is seeking Smax O’Desperation, asking Napoleon if he is familiar with Smax, as he has heard of the party’s activities. He mentions in passing that it has been three months since the Temple of the Clear Springs was cleared (though it seems a much shorter time for the party). Napoleon replies that he hasn’t had dealings with Smax for a long time, and Kennet remarks that Smax can not be trusted. He departs, but leaves Napoleon with a business card that declares Kennet to be working in “Personal Removals”.

Napoleon and Pieter then go to talk to Halley Windrunner. She is drunk and bitter, but perks up a little when we tell her of our plans to battle Shivastri. She isn’t impressed at first, but the mention of slaying Korax raises her estimation of the party’s capabilities. She can’t help much, but offers assistance in transportation back to the mundane realm when we’re ready, and is greatly appreciative.

Pieter then goes to talk to the House Summer retinue, and seeks an introduction to Lady Carpathia. After some discussion he is eventually lead by a servant through winding corrdors to a small, simple room containing Lady Carpathia. Pieter explains our intentions towards Shivastri, which she seems happy about. He then explains about our desire to use Kalashnakash’s sword for these purposes. Lady Carpathia seems concerned, but considers it. She explains that she needs a favour done. Zidelis Yirrian and her entourage have caused insult and Lady Carpathia wishes them to be dealt with permanently. However, this needs to be done after they have left the hospitality of her court and before they arrive at their home. She says that if by sunrise they still have not arrived at the residences of House Yirrian then she will consider the task complete and grant us the requested truth boons.

Meanwhile, Théorn attempts to assist Max in her attempts to embarrass Lyril Miheil. He approaches the lady, loudly proclaims her beautiful and kisses her full on the lips. She is outraged and calls for guards, whipping him across the face. Everyone freezes, as the Lady of the Seasons approaches. She traces a finger along the cut on Théorn’s face and tastes the blood. She says she recognises his spirit, and compares it to that of Kalashnakash. Théorn debates with her a little over the status of shifters and her treaty with Kalashnakash, until The Lady declares tomorrow’s banquet to be in House Dejarin and that all shifters are invited if they wish to attend of their own free will. The entertainment will be a duel between Lyril Miheil and Théorn Deodhoran. At this point, the party is over.

Pieter identifies Zidelis and her band of paramours as the guests start to leave, and shares details of Lady Carpathia’s request with the rest of the party. Zidelis’ entourage includes Davec, an eladrin archer, and Gern Sironson, a gnome bard. Some in the party have reservations about a planned murder, but an ambush is prepared and we pin them down in an alleyway. Théorn begins to prompt an argument with Zidelis and Gern. Napoleon’s conscience gets the better of him, however, and steps in to diffuse the fight before it begins. Instead he invites them to a drinking contest (Skill Challenge), should they know of a suitable establishment nearby. Gern leads them to a “human bar” in the city and they settle at a table. Napoleon speaks to a waiter to get Gern’s drink spiked, but he is wise to such tactics and randomises the selection of mugs each round once they arrive at the table. At the end of a very messy night of drinking and a close call on Gern Sironson’s iron constitution, Théorn is the only person left standing and claims victory, carrying his compatriots back to their quarters and leaving the defeated group to slumber well past dawn.

Day 5 in the Feywild:

At 9am a squirrel arrives and acknowledges the success of the party’s favour to Lady Carpathia, as Zidelis and her group did not return home by sunrise, and invites us to the palace of House Summer in 2 hours’ time to claim our prize. Théorn spends this time inviting and encouraging the shifter servants to attend the evening’s festivities in House Dejarin.

We’re wary of walking through House Miheil territory to get to House Summer, so we ask our concierge if she can help us. Mira tells us she can arrange for us to be teleported directly to the palace, but it will cost an interesting item or some gemstones. We offer the Boots of Adept Charging that Théorn no longer needs, which seems to be acceptable. We put all our weapons and armour into the Bag of Holding, and are taken to a room for transport.

The teleportation arrives in the palace ballroom where court was held the night before. The room is a bit darker and more gloomy than yesterday, and there are beetles scuttling everywhere. The Castellan greets us, accompanied by guards, and asks our business. We explain that we’re here to see Lady Carpathia about a favour and he escorts us into a small room. There is a brief flash, and we find ourselves in another room.

Lady Carpathia enters. She says she does not wish to speak of what happened, but thanks us and says we may have one truth boon each if we wish. However, she warns us that each question comes with a price, though isn’t clear on what that price is. She also says that while the boon trance is upon her she changes, and we should only trust what she says that directly pertains to answering our question. She then leaves to prepare.

After a short while we are ushered into a room with ledges on either side and an abyss between. The Castellan teleports us all across, and we then enter a new room containing only simple wooden benches. In turn, Pieter, Pennyworth and Théorn pass through the door to ask their questions, whist the rest of the party remains and waits.

The three return together and hurriedly request the armour and weapons from the Bag of Holding. Whilst suiting up, Pennyworth explains that someone or something (that we suspect to be Black Annis) is masquerading as Lady Carpathia and keeping both her, and Mathis Andrellian, prisoner in the palace. Mathis was able to see through the disguise, and was thus imprisoned.

The doors open, and ‘Lady Carpathia’ enters with a retinue of guards. When accused of being an imposter, she acknowledges it and says she never intended to keep us alive. She just wanted to see what answers we could wring out of the real Lady Carpathia. She leaves, ordering the guards to kill us (Encounter 2).

Once we defeat the guards, we recap what answers were given to the three questions asked:

  1. Pieter asked Lady Carpathia what her story was. She told him that the enemy had swarmed her with bugs and taken her face.
  2. Pennyworth asked how we could find Mathis Andrellian. Lady Carpathia responded that he was in the deepest recesses of the building, in a place that lies beyond the sleeping area of the master of the palace.
  3. Théorn asked of the fate of Kalashnakash after meeting with The Lady of the Seasons. He is told that four champions from seasonal houses approached. Three of them attacked and died. The final champion, Fereal, showed Kalashnakash what he’d done, and he felt remorseful and left (leaving the sword, we think) to kill himself, but on the blade of another. There is an implication that it might have been Kennet Sharma.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan838 remainingBlade bolt, Counterstrike Guards, Sword of Gales24,501 (10)
Max?? remaining?24,334 (10)
Napoleon674 remainingCouteurs of Second Chance, Shadow Hound Armour25,645 (10)
Pennyworth787 remainingFeast of Souls, Tyrannical Threat, Elemental Air Crystal25,390 (10)
Pieter?? remaining?24,819 (10)
Théorn576 remainingCombat Surge, Oak Hammer Rage25,526 (10)



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