The Shining City is surrounded by walls, with caravans going in and out of the gates. Fey residents are visible all around, and a large fair is present around the entrance. The city itself is dominated by a huge tower, surrounded by eight smaller towers.

The city is contained within circular walls, with the Lady of the Seasons’ tower in the centre. Around this, the city is divided into five roughly equally sized sections. As you enter the gates there is a neutral segment in front of you, leading up to the main tower. The remaining four sections, clockwise from this point, are as follows:

The city is run by the Lady of the Seasons along with these eight noble houses. She holds court in one of the houses of the four seasons every three days, with no discernible pattern to the selection.

Invitation into the city grants you guest status, which means that any slight you cause is a matter between you and the target. Without this guest status, any insult means that the whole city can turn on you.


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