Small town we were hired in.

The Temple – Inn we started in. No questions asked. 5gp/night rooms
The King Valiant – Nicer inn that the Wheelwright family stayed in, and we returned to. 6gp/night for rooms
The Orc’s Head – rougher inn where Cezar held court until he was run out and it was renamed The Barbarian and the Swordmage.

Pastor Waverley‘s church – shrines to all 12 good deities. Run with assistance from Albar. Ma Fledwin allegedly frequents this church
Thena’s church – dedicated to Ioun
Peasants’ church – dedicated to Avandra, run by Ferro

Alberno‘s General Store
Ma Fledwin’s Potions and Poultices]] – unreliable
Garn Gunderson’s Dwarven Smith
Ellis the horse trader


Little 'n' Large CutGlass