Kerrigan's Hoard

Randomly generated hoard of Kerrigan, the blue dragon:

Kerrigan’s Collar (Waist item for dragonborn that allows Dragonbreath to recharge)
Standard of the Silver Dragon
Mercury Wasp swarm
Demonskin Tattoo
Amulet of Protection +3
Boar’s Charge Totem

Potion of Spirit x2
Elixir of Reflexes
Clay of Creation

3 Barrels of coffee (500gp each)
4 Black opals (1,000gp each)
1 Diamond (5,000gp)
1 Emerald (500gp)
3 Sapphires (3,000gp each)
1 Star sapphire (10,000gp)
1,100gp worth of gp
16,500gp worth of pp

Kerrigan's Hoard

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