At Large

  • Cezar, Human fixer and former ‘mob boss’ in Ravensburgh. Now effectively exiled (faked death) after standing against the party. Given Rakanx’s passing he may be safe.
  • Joffal Fledwin, brother of Demager and possibly also an Asmodeus worshipper
  • Kara Fledwin, sister of Demager and definitely also an Asmodeus worshipper
  • Ma Fledwin, mother of Demager. Not an Asmodeus worshipper, just a vengeful mother with a dead son.
  • Sir Ulrich, human soldier ally of Viscount Verdun
  • The Count, enemy by default. We’ve been charged with running him out of town. Could be a nice guy. Who knows…


  • Elkovar, Human ? and sartorial legend
  • Korax, Young Green Dragon
  • Pavel, chief Asmodeus worshiper
  • Relita, corrupted air genasi


PC Backgrounds:

  • Belaric, Tiefling sorcerer, bandit leader and slaver. Hollan Darkwing’s “owner” and tormentor for 9 years.


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