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  • Bridge

    Small village along the route between [[Ravensburgh]] and [[Gosfair]], built next to a bridge over the wide river. The population is about 150-200 people, living mainly in wooden houses. A few houses, and the town's only inn, burned down during a …

  • Bayard

    A small village about two thirds of the way along to [[Gosfair]] from [[Ravensburgh]], along the south-east road. We seem to end up staying here a lot. Branch off here and travel south-east to head to [[Steering]].

  • Trenton

    A village to the north-east of [[Ravensburgh]] where we first met [[:brysias]] to discuss business away from the ears of [[:cezar]]. Later we encountered and were forced to do battle with [[:brysias]]' brother and his two friends here as well. Has …

  • Villages

    * [[Bakersfield]] * [[Barstow]] * [[Bayard]] * [[Bridge]] * [[Dung]] * [[Greely]] * [[Nepping]] * [[Pepsburgh]] * [[Renit]] * [[Sonoris]] * [[Steering]] * [[Teveston]] * [[Trenton]] * [[Winimoocha]] * [[Dappledown]], in the feywild

  • Nepping

    A moderate-sized village located to the north-west of [[Ravensburgh]] and [[Barstow]]. It only has one inn, and is heavily fortified for such a small village. Mayor [[:thusia]] runs the town. There are four goblin tribes located nearby: * [[Bat- …

  • Renit

    Small village to the south-west of [[Bridge]], along the route to the [[Underground Village]] that holds the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]], which is about a day's ride to the south.

  • Sonoris

    A small but fortified village to the south of [[Winimoocha]]. It has suffered an economic downturn of late due to too many kobold attacks coming out of nearby [[Arden's Forest]]. It has several inns. We stay in [[The Kobold's Head]].

  • Steering

    A very small village about a day's ride from [[Gosfair]], populated by only 100 or so people [[Kerry's Mine]] is located nearby.

  • Tattoia Tribe Camp

    A temporary village a day's run to the east of [[Winimoocha]]. The shifters set up camp here after [[:korax]] ran them out of their home in [[Arden's Forest]]. Since the death of [[:korax]] and his minions, this camp may have been abandoned so that …

  • Underground Village

    An abandoned underground village containing the entrance to the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]]. It is located a day's travel to the south of [[Renit]].

  • Winimoocha

    A village between [[Gosfair]] and [[Arden's Forest]]. The village is protected by [[:janell]], a Dragonborn who comes from far to the west, who can often be found in the town's only inn, [[The Bond of Friendship]]. The [[Tattoia tribe]] of …

  • Dung

    A village near [[Trenton]] where the PCs met with [[:fyodor]] to conduct business. Not a very interesting place, but it has an inn: [[The Horse's End]].

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