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  • Hollan Darkwing

    Here is the story of Hollan Darkwing, a dragonborn with many names in his life; some he has forgotten, some he has cast aside, others he earned with honour. We begin, as always, at the very beginning or in this case, his birth. His egg was covered in …

  • Kadira Ravenwing

    Kadira was a kenku swordmage leading a band of brigands called the [[Raven Wings]] that was hired to attack the PCs in revenge for their roles in the death of [[:demager-fledwin]]. The attack was unsuccessful and Kadira was slain by [[:hollan-darkwing | …

  • Jera

    He was part of a group of adventurers attacked by [[:belaric]]'s slaver gang. They successfully repelled the attack with [[:hollan-darkwing | Hollan]]'s assistance, and he took the young dragonborn under his wing and trained him as a swordmage.

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