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  • The Orc's Head

    Rough inn in [[Ravensburgh]]. [[:cezar]]'s base of operations until he was run out of town. The deeds were then given to [[:clementine]] to run the inn. When the party returned from the feywild, they discovered that it had been renamed [[The Barbarian …

  • The Barbarian and the Swordmage

    An inn in [[Ravensburgh]]. It was originally named [[The Orc's Head]] and was the base of operations for [[:cezar]], a local 'fixer' whom the PCs eventually ran out of town. The deed to the inn was then given to [[:clementine]], a friend of [[:hollan- …

  • Ma Fledwin

    Mother of [[:joffal-fledwin | Joffal]], [[:demager-fledwin | Demager]] and [[:kara-fledwin]]. Pleaded for [[:demager-fledwin | Demager]]'s life when he was brought back to town to be thrown on the mercy of [[:pastor-waverley]]. When this failed [[:ma- …

  • Cezar

    The main source of employment in [[Ravensburgh]] up until he was deposed by the PCs after an disagreement of terms. Part-way between a fixer and a sort of mob boss. He held court in [[The Orc's Head]] inn. He turned out to be sponsored by [[:rakanx]], …

  • Thena

    Halfling priestess that runs a church to Ioun in [[Ravensburgh]]. She also has a sideline in (magical) clothing alterations and is generally a useful source of information as long as you can decipher her stream of consciousness discussions.

  • Joffal Fledwin

    Son of [[:ma-fledwin | Ma Fledwin]]. Brother of [[:demager-fledwin | Demager]] and [[:kara-fledwin | Kara Fledwin]]. Possible [[Pavel's Cult | Asmodeus cultist]], but uncertain.

  • Demager Fledwin

    Son of [[:ma-fledwin]]. Brother of [[:joffal-fledwin | Joffal]] and [[:kara-fledwin]]. Demager was a follower of Asmodeus, and part of a cult lead by [[:pavel]]. The PCs captured him and interrogated him whilst saving the [[Wheelwright family]] from …

  • Kara Fledwin

    Daughter of [[:ma-fledwin | Ma Fledwin]]. Sister of [[:demager-fledwin | Demager]] and [[:joffal-fledwin | Joffal Fledwin]]. At first she was mistakenly thought to be another innocent hostage of the kobold tribes and was armed and set free. She was …

  • Ferro

    Halfling priest that ran a church to Avandra in [[Ravensburgh]]. [[:pastor-waverley]] intimated early on that he would like our assistance in running him out of town, and at some point since then he appears to have disappeared from [[Ravensburgh]].

  • Fallon

    [[:cezar]] described him/her as the person to speak to in [[Ravensburgh]] for the discreet removal of corpses.

  • Clementine

    Part of the band of adventurer group called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. [[:hollan-darkwing | Hollan]] met Clementine after returning to [[Ravensburgh]] to tell [[:thena]] that the PCs had cleared out [[Mayhew's Study]] for her, while the rest of …

  • Marl

    An old man who advised [[:max-maxima | Max]] on how to deal with rust monsters, prior to the PCs travelling to the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]], where they expected to encounter them.

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