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  • Stralen

    A nation populated mainly (only?) by humans and aggressively intolerant of other races. [[The Order of the Hammer]] originates from Stralen, and its members are sent out to "control" towns in [[The Borderlands]].

  • The Borderlands

    This area is outside the borders of any existing country, but still close enough to have contact and trade with them. The lack of any firm rule makes it a desperate and violent area, but still one of great opportunity, where new settlements of the …

  • Wiedersberg

    Part of [[:verdun]]'s lands, currently occupied by [[:mortis | The Count]]. Signed over to [[:maxima | Max]] on condition that she take back control of the lands from The Count. Located two weeks' travel to the north of [[Ravensburgh]].

  • Hyrkan

    A country. Still around? The city of [[Nos Leikos | Nos Leikos]] is/was located here, and housed The Heirarch, head of the Church of Bahamut.

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