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  • Ravensburgh

    Small town we were hired in. *Inns:* [[The Temple]] - Inn we started in. No questions asked. 5gp/night rooms [[The King Valiant]] - Nicer inn that the [[Wheelwright family]] stayed in, and we returned to. 6gp/night for rooms [[The Orc's Head]] - …

  • Gosfair

    Town about two days' ride to the south of [[Ravensburgh]], around a forest, and currently under the 'protection' of a militant group of humanocentric Paladins of Bahamut called [[The Order of the Hammer]], from [[Stralen]]. The town had no wheelwrights …

  • Stralen

    A nation populated mainly (only?) by humans and aggressively intolerant of other races. [[The Order of the Hammer]] originates from Stralen, and its members are sent out to "control" towns in [[The Borderlands]].

  • Bridge

    Small village along the route between [[Ravensburgh]] and [[Gosfair]], built next to a bridge over the wide river. The population is about 150-200 people, living mainly in wooden houses. A few houses, and the town's only inn, burned down during a …

  • Bayard

    A small village about two thirds of the way along to [[Gosfair]] from [[Ravensburgh]], along the south-east road. We seem to end up staying here a lot. Branch off here and travel south-east to head to [[Steering]].

  • Trenton

    A village to the north-east of [[Ravensburgh]] where we first met [[:brysias]] to discuss business away from the ears of [[:cezar]]. Later we encountered and were forced to do battle with [[:brysias]]' brother and his two friends here as well. Has …

  • Villages

    * [[Bakersfield]] * [[Barstow]] * [[Bayard]] * [[Bridge]] * [[Dung]] * [[Greely]] * [[Nepping]] * [[Pepsburgh]] * [[Renit]] * [[Sonoris]] * [[Steering]] * [[Teveston]] * [[Trenton]] * [[Winimoocha]] * [[Dappledown]], in the feywild

  • Pavel's Hut

    Located a day's travel to the east of [[Ravensburgh]], past an oak tree split by lightning and in the middle of a forested area. The wooden hut concealed an Underground Lair comprising consecrated ground used for ritual sacrifice to Asmodeus by [[:pavel]] …

  • Arden's Forest

    A large, dense forest to the south-east of [[Gosfair]]. Contains underground tunnels beneath a giant redwood tree. These tunnels contained [[Korax's Lair]], previously inhabited by the [[Tattoia tribe]] of razorclaw shifters. After the PCs defeated …

  • Kerry's Mine

    A copper mine a little to the east of [[Steering]], measuring about 600ft long and across two levels. The mine is owned by [[:eskerry-mortensen]] (and her husband, before his death). Due to falling profits she hired a necromancer called [[:lehane]] to …

  • Kobold Caves

    Located in the forest, a little off the path travelling south-west of [[Ravensburgh]] to [[Gosfair]]. The [[:jeziah-wheelwright | wheelwright]] family was kept captive here until the PCs rescued them.

    *There was also some issue of there …

  • Korax's Lair

    Located in tunnels beneath a giant redwood tree in [[Arden's Forest]] Rooms include: * entrance cavern * fungi garden * 'card game' room * four connected flower gardens * luxurious antechamber * food hall * kobold living area * dojo * …

  • Mayhew's Study

    A hidden lair previously used by [[:mayhew | Mayhew]], an apprentice to one of [[The Nine]]. Rooms include: * Reception room * Guest bedroom * Library * Puzzle room with secret door * Chess set trap * Bedroom/study

  • Nepping

    A moderate-sized village located to the north-west of [[Ravensburgh]] and [[Barstow]]. It only has one inn, and is heavily fortified for such a small village. Mayor [[:thusia]] runs the town. There are four goblin tribes located nearby: * [[Bat- …

  • Owlbear Grove

    Located in the forest, to the south of [[Winimoocha]]. Nothing special besides the owlbear family who used to live there until the PCs murdered them.

  • Renit

    Small village to the south-west of [[Bridge]], along the route to the [[Underground Village]] that holds the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]], which is about a day's ride to the south.

  • Sonoris

    A small but fortified village to the south of [[Winimoocha]]. It has suffered an economic downturn of late due to too many kobold attacks coming out of nearby [[Arden's Forest]]. It has several inns. We stay in [[The Kobold's Head]].

  • Steering

    A very small village about a day's ride from [[Gosfair]], populated by only 100 or so people [[Kerry's Mine]] is located nearby.

  • The Borderlands

    This area is outside the borders of any existing country, but still close enough to have contact and trade with them. The lack of any firm rule makes it a desperate and violent area, but still one of great opportunity, where new settlements of the …

  • Tattoia Tribe Camp

    A temporary village a day's run to the east of [[Winimoocha]]. The shifters set up camp here after [[:korax]] ran them out of their home in [[Arden's Forest]]. Since the death of [[:korax]] and his minions, this camp may have been abandoned so that …

  • Temple of the Clear Springs

    About 1,000 years ago, when dragons ruled the skies, an [[Underground Village]] built a temple to Bahamut, spread over two levels, and were blessed with a spring of pure water. It’s been lost for a long time, but recently a paladin had two dreams. In the …

  • Underground Village

    An abandoned underground village containing the entrance to the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]]. It is located a day's travel to the south of [[Renit]].

  • Wiedersberg

    Part of [[:verdun]]'s lands, currently occupied by [[:mortis | The Count]]. Signed over to [[:maxima | Max]] on condition that she take back control of the lands from The Count. Located two weeks' travel to the north of [[Ravensburgh]].

  • Winimoocha

    A village between [[Gosfair]] and [[Arden's Forest]]. The village is protected by [[:janell]], a Dragonborn who comes from far to the west, who can often be found in the town's only inn, [[The Bond of Friendship]]. The [[Tattoia tribe]] of …

  • The Bond of Friendship

    An inn located in [[Winimoocha]]. It has a symbol of a clawed hand shaking a humanoid one and caters to a mix mainly of humans, half-elves and halflings. All races are welcome and a dragonborn paladin by the name of [[:janell]] watches over the inn and …

  • The Orc's Head

    Rough inn in [[Ravensburgh]]. [[:cezar]]'s base of operations until he was run out of town. The deeds were then given to [[:clementine]] to run the inn. When the party returned from the feywild, they discovered that it had been renamed [[The Barbarian …

  • Fey Portal

    A clearing with two ancient oak trees, located in the forest to the north-east of [[Ravensburgh]]. There is a sense of Fey influence, and a portal can be opened here to the Feywild. The PCs first found this location after tracing back the tracks of …

  • Dung

    A village near [[Trenton]] where the PCs met with [[:fyodor]] to conduct business. Not a very interesting place, but it has an inn: [[The Horse's End]].

  • Slough of Despond

    Swamps in the northern parts of [[:shivastri]]'s territories. [[Fontaine]] is possibly located by a river somewhere around here.

  • Mount Balash

    A dormant volcano to the far south of [[The Borderlands]] which houses the lair of [[:shivastri]].

  • Titrian

    The Shining City is surrounded by walls, with caravans going in and out of the gates. Fey residents are visible all around, and a large fair is present around the entrance. The city itself is dominated by a huge tower, surrounded by eight smaller towers. …

  • Orm

    One of the countries of the Hundred Kingdoms. Princess (presumably) [[:alyssa-withers | Alyssa Withers]] is searching for [[:cassandra-withers | Cassandra Withers]], her missing sister, in the feywild.

  • Rampul

    A town/city/nation somewhere to the north of [[Ravensburgh | Ravensburgh]].

  • Wissen

    [[:queen-gisela-the-second | Queen Gisela the Second]] is Queen of Wissen.

  • The Barbarian and the Swordmage

    An inn in [[Ravensburgh]]. It was originally named [[The Orc's Head]] and was the base of operations for [[:cezar]], a local 'fixer' whom the PCs eventually ran out of town. The deed to the inn was then given to [[:clementine]], a friend of [[:hollan- …

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