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  • Kadira Ravenwing

    Kadira was a kenku swordmage leading a band of brigands called the [[Raven Wings]] that was hired to attack the PCs in revenge for their roles in the death of [[:demager-fledwin]]. The attack was unsuccessful and Kadira was slain by [[:hollan-darkwing | …

  • Bigby Ravenwing

    Bigby Ravenwing's niece [[:kadira-ravenwing | Kadira]] was a princess of a royal house to a nation that no longer exists. This royal house has succession issues that need to be resolved, and Bigby sought out the PCs to avenge his niece's death at [[: …

  • Mortarian

    A kenku that featured in [[Smax O'Doom visions | Smax O'Doom's visions]].

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