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  • The Nine

    The most arcane heroes to walk the land, several hundred years ago. The leader, we think, was called [[:starchild]].

  • Temple of the Clear Springs

    About 1,000 years ago, when dragons ruled the skies, an [[Underground Village]] built a temple to Bahamut, spread over two levels, and were blessed with a spring of pure water. It’s been lost for a long time, but recently a paladin had two dreams. In the …

  • Smax O'Doom visions

    [[:smax-o-doom | Smax O'Doom]] often had visions where he saw himself training or fighting. Recurring characters include: *Allies* * Tiefling * [[:kennet-sharma | Kennet Sharma]], a Bladeling * Half-elf. Teacher. * [[:mortarian | Mortarian]], …

  • Mayhew

    Apprentice to one of [[The Nine]]. His [[Mayhew's Study | study]] was mostly looted by [[The Band of Five]] and infested with ankhegs and oozes until the PCs undertook to clear it of enemies for [[:thena]].

  • Kalashnakash

    a.k.a. He Who Wielded Wrongness A legend amongst the shifters. The version of the story we got from the shifters is: In the distant past there were many races of shifters. Then some dragons began a purge and slowly ate through the different types. …

  • St Bradaman

    St Bradaman was a hero who served Bahamut years and years ago. He was a virtuous knight who may have ascended to demigod status, and is associated with the [[Temple of the Clear Springs]] somehow. His sword is a much sought-after artifact with powers that …

  • Lucian

    [[:bradaman | St Bradaman]]'s brother and founder of the order of Avengers of the Temple of the Clear Waters. Son to Liarella and Justin, founders of the [[Temple of the Clear Springs | Temple of the Clear Springs]].

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