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  • Napoleon

    Napoleon is the only son of Corrin and Bree Appledore, who run a bakery in the town of X. In their younger days, Corrin and Bree worked as army cooks for King Y, following the military in their travels defending the borders from marauding orcs. It was …

  • Thena

    Halfling priestess that runs a church to Ioun in [[Ravensburgh]]. She also has a sideline in (magical) clothing alterations and is generally a useful source of information as long as you can decipher her stream of consciousness discussions.

  • Ferro

    Halfling priest that ran a church to Avandra in [[Ravensburgh]]. [[:pastor-waverley]] intimated early on that he would like our assistance in running him out of town, and at some point since then he appears to have disappeared from [[Ravensburgh]].

  • Clementine

    Part of the band of adventurer group called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. [[:hollan-darkwing | Hollan]] met Clementine after returning to [[Ravensburgh]] to tell [[:thena]] that the PCs had cleared out [[Mayhew's Study]] for her, while the rest of …

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