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  • Bat-wings tribe

    This tribe is located about 4 hours north of [[Nepping]], with an entrance in a series of caves inhabited by bats. They are lead by a powerful shaman, though their population is generally lower than the other local goblin tribes population. They tend to …

  • Spider-bite tribe

    This tribe is located about 3 hours north-north-west of [[Nepping]], in a dense forest. The pathways are difficult to manoeuvre with horses and the entrances to the goblin caves can be difficult to find. This tribe is lead by an assassin who specialises …

  • Bugbear tribe

    The PCs weren't able to find as much information about this tribe beyond that, of the local goblin tribes, they carry an average number of sporks per goblin.

  • Skgrrrt

    An elegantly dressed goblin attending the [[Broken-knuckle tribe]] of orcs. Supporter of [[:shivastri | Shivastri]].

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