Little 'n' Large

Session 56

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesAction PointsDaily Powers usedPrayersExperience PointsLevel
HollanFull (159)8 left?Displacer Feyleather Armour?202,56321
Kavaki509 left1Rune of Alacrity, Rune of Boundless Fury, Avalanche Assault, Rune of Reinvigoration, Stone’s Endurance, Gloves of Grace1x Pass a Saving Throw194,82321
MaxFull (129)4 left?Wrath of the Gods, Arcane Gate, Call From the Brink, Winged Boots?214,84022
Pennyworth1329 left?Command Insanity, Ring of Shadowguard, Stone of Flame1x Pass a Saving Throw205,11321
PieterFull (175)8 left?Wrath of the Gods, Corona of Blinding Radiance, Magic Shield, Spirit of the Virtuous Charger, Holy Symbol, Alliance Band?212,49522
Théorn135 (+6?)8 left?None? Seriously? Against a Tarrasque? Even a baby one!?2x Hit to Crit ,
1x Reroll Attack +5



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