Théorn Deodhoran

Shifter Barbarian


Race: Longtooth Shifter

Class: [Rageblood] Barbarian
Multiclass: Disciple of Divine Wrath (Avenger)
Paragon Path: Winter Fury

Background: Moonspeaker


Once, his people were kings, lords, rulers.
They kept the humans under control with a firm claw.

Then, one human dared to believe of a different world.
The pack did not notice, as they were too far gone in their hunting.

Other humans listened and dreamt of their future.
Soon, all of them were dreaming the same tale.

One day, his people woke from their slumber to find themselves reduced to figureheads
And once someone is but a symbol it is easy to replace them.

Now the pack was forced to wander, to run.
Where they had roamed, commanding, hunting; they fled.

It should not be this way.
It will not remain this way.

This was revealed to him one night by three women, who shone with darkness.
Their words were like claws at his throat, harsh, strangling.

They left their mark on his soul and left.
Reeling, he could not return to his pack

For weeks he strayed, alone, feral
Hearing their tale again, again, forever repeating.

Eventually, He took their words and realised their truth.
How then, to change that truth?

Now he hunts.
Not those who stole his birthright,

But those who would dream his dream.
Of the true way of things

Of Hunters…and their prey.
Of Rulers… and their peons.

Of a time once gone
And that will come again…

Théorn Deodhoran

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