"I may be small, but I can kick your butt."


Race: Halfling

Class: [Tactical] Warlord
Paragon Path: Battle Captain

Background: Isolated, Camp Follower


Napoleon is the only son of Corrin and Bree Appledore, who run a bakery in the town of X.

In their younger days, Corrin and Bree worked as army cooks for King Y, following the military in their travels defending the borders from marauding orcs. It was during this time that Napoleon was born, and he grew up in the kitchens and training grounds of various border forts, with occasional spells in larger towns and cities. Other halflings, dwarves, elves and so on came and went but he spent most of his time as a lone halfling child amongst human soldiers.

He wasn’t one for book learning, and whilst he had some knack for cookery he didn’t take to it with the same enthusiasm as his parents. Thus he spent more of his time watching the drills, sparring and training of the soldiers. He tried to join in or help out but was usually just gently chided for risking being hurt, or sent on errands to keep him out of the way, so didn’t pick up much more than the basics of using weapons.


Napoleon is tenacious but reserved. He is anxious to put practice into use but cautious and deliberate outside of battle. Once he’s made a decision he tends to be direct to the point, which sometimes manifests as impatience, and he doesn’t like obstructions, literal or otherwise.

Unlike some of the halfling traders of the area, Napoleon is more comfortable in urban or semi-rural settings. During his time travelling with various armies he has become somewhat experienced at travelling through forests and along rivers, but has never really felt at home in them.

He tends to watch things with a thoughtful frown when not engaged in conversation or activity, but is open and cheery when talking, with a tendency to express things with hand movements. During combat he keeps moving at all times: shifting, ducking, hopping back and forth, and prefers to get up close and personal rather than hang back at any point.

Napoleon is slightly short, even for a halfling, with a wiry build. His dark hair is kept at practical length, tied back if necessary. He wears simple, comfortable clothing to allow free movement and does not like to be weighed down too much beyond his backpack and bedroll.


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