Kavaki Titanheart

"Mjolnir? Too small."


Race: Goliath

Class: [Wrathful Hammer] Runepriest
Paragon Path: Stoneblessed
Epic Destiny: Chosen

Background: Skywatcher


Kavaki comes from the Obsidian tribe in the Fellian mountains where he is a Skywatcher, advising the tribe on weather, seasons and historical records. He has insight into the structure of the physical and divine aspects of the world, and he uses these to guide his tribe.

His cousin Nella, a cleric of Kord, was last known to be in this area assisting House Banster. Her family hasn’t heard from her in some time, so Kavaki has come down out of the mountains to investigate.

He is cheery and placid most of the time, and tends to be easygoing. He is slow to anger and quick to act and loves heights and open spaces. Kavaki enjoys puzzles and riddles, as well as a good story, and acts as amateur historian to the tribe.

He feels it is important to look after those smaller than him and to share teachings with them where he thinks it relevant to the situation or their position. He will also encourage others to action, particularly in competition, if he feels they either need to improve or show their worth.

Kavaki looks to the sky a lot, often commenting on the weather, and sometimes stumbles over things at his feet as a consequence. When lost in thought, he scratches lithoderms on the back of his head. When resting, he stretches regularly, as though starting to feel his age a little. Depending on the feasibility of it, he likes to watch the sunrise or sunset whenever possible.

Physically, Kavaki is fairly large and sturdy, even for a goliath, with long arms and some visible tattoos. He has a bald, sunburned head with bright pale blue eyes (almost grey) and a slight squint to his left eye.

Kavaki Titanheart

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