Shifter anti-hero of legend


a.k.a. He Who Wielded Wrongness

A legend amongst the shifters. The version of the story we got from the shifters is:

In the distant past there were many races of shifters. Then some dragons began a purge and slowly ate through the different types. This continued until Kalashnakash put aside his spear and took up a sword and fought back to save the last two tribes, razorclaw and longtooth. Then he went into the fey realms to continue his hunting.

He wielded a sword called Elf-Killer which destroys fey creatures’ souls so they can not return to life. This makes him extremely unpopular amongst eladrin, who call him “the beast with one long claw”.

The stories, apparently told to frighten children, gathered from people in Titrian say:

  • He brought 12 tribes of shifters into the feywild with him (at least 10 of these are extinct on the normal plane)
  • Some stories suggest that he is still alive. He may be sleeping until the 12 tribes need him
  • There are rumours of some sort bargain between him and the Lady of the Seasons
  • He got an invitation into the city, from a ‘traitor’, meaning that each house had to fight him separately, though Houses Spring and Fallael each had few casualties apparently
  • He sacked Titrian, killing all the children and all but one of House Dejarin
  • He struck the Lady of the Seasons a terrible blow, which lead to a truce whereby shifters wouldn’t be taken as slaves. As we’ve seen, they are again being taken as slaves now but he has not returned
  • The Lady of the Seasons hasn’t spoken since the truce
  • His sword was known as Elf Sorrow

There are several rumours of what might have happened to his blade but Lady Carpathia of House Summer knows some facts, and will grant a boon for a price. The various rumours are as follows:

  • The Lady of the Seasons has the blade
  • The blade was stolen by Black Annis
  • Fereal of House Winter, the only survivor of the battle by all the House champions against Kalashnakash, may have the sword


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