Hollan Darkwing

The Storm approaches...


Race: Dragonborn
Breath: Thunder and Lightning

Class: [Assault] Swordmage
Multiclass: Berserker’s Fury (Barbarian)
Paragon Path: Storm Dragon

Background: Rare Egg


Here is the story of Hollan Darkwing, a dragonborn with many names in his life; some he has forgotten, some he has cast aside, others he earned with honour.

We begin, as always, at the very beginning or in this case, his birth. His egg was covered in hairline cracks in the shapes of lightning. This usually meant that the little dragonborn had great arcane powers. Upon hatching however, they realised exactly why. This little Dragonborn, a mere hatchling, carried upon his heart the arcane symbol for storms. The elders believed this to be a sign from Bahamut himself, and that young D’kra (His first name – the one he forgot) was to one day become a Storm Dragon. It was decided that on his 5th year he would be taken to a nearby temple of Bahamut and taught there to prepare him for his glorious destiny.

Five years came and on his birthday the priests came to escort him to his new home. They gave him a platinum robe adorned with the image of Bahamut. The journey would be long and along the way they taught him many things of what it means to be a worshipper of Bahamut. Unfortunately, D’kra’s journey towards his destiny seemed to be fated to lead him away from his birthplace and his people. Halfway to the temple, the caravan was set upon by bandits. It was a vicious, brutal battle in which all the dragonborn were slain trying to protect D’kra. The bandit leader, a vicious tiefling by the name of Belaric, was intrigued by the little dragonborn that the priests had fought so hard to protect. When cornered by Belaric, a powerful sorcerer, D’kra let loose a powerful burst of thunder and blasted his foes with his lightning breath. This surge of power proved to be more than the little D’kra could handle and he passed out. Belaric was furious; this puny dragonborn had made him lose an eye and broken one of his horns. He vowed to break him and turn him into his slave.

And so D’kra came to be forgotten, as the first thing his slave master did was to beat his new name, Teral (The name he cast aside), into him. For 9 years Teral was slave to Belaric; made to do all manner of menial chores, dirty tasks and to fight for his amusement. For 9 years Teral fought against his enslavement, but Belaricwas as cunning as he was ruthless. He made sure his slave was always exhausted, hungry and unable to use his arcane powers. He quashed all opportunities for Teral to learn anything. But Teral was intelligent and patient. What little he remembered of his teachings gave him strength in the belief that Bahamut had a bigger purpose for him. At first. As the weeks turned to months and the months descended into years Teral slowly became bitter, beginning to think of Bahamut as yet another slave master and fate as the cruel whip. Yet still he waited, learnt and gathered. Endlessly patient for the day opportunity would present itself.

Eventually that day came. It was while Belaric led a slaver party, they were attacked by a band of adventurers. The attackers managed to kill a few of the bandits but things weren’t going well. The adventurers were being herded towards the cages. Teral saw that this could be his only chance. Summoning the energy from within, he broke the chains and locks binding him and the other prisoners. The tide quickly turned on the slavers and Belaric was forced to flee.

One of the adventurers was an accomplished swordmage, a human by the name of Jera. He chose to take the little dragonborn and train him. And there Teral was cast aside and Hollan Darkwing was born.

For 6 years Jera trained Hollan, until one day he told him that he had taught him everything he knew. Jera said to him that he must travel, expand his horizons and take on his own, new experiences.

And so Hollan travelled, going from one town to the next, hiring himself out as a bodyguard and trying to help those he met on his way. Until one day a shifter by the name of Théorn asked him to accompany him to some kobold caves.

And his great adventure began…

Hollan Darkwing

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