Demager Fledwin

Asmodeus cultist




Son of Ma Fledwin. Brother of Joffal and Kara Fledwin.

Demager was a follower of Asmodeus, and part of a cult lead by Pavel. The PCs captured him and interrogated him whilst saving the Wheelwright family from the Kobold Caves.

He was identified as a cultist and then brought back to Ravensburgh and, despite the pleadings of his mother, thrown on the mercy of Pastor Waverley. This resulted in him being burned at the stake as a heretic as a warning to others.

This resulted in Ma Fledwin going to Cezar and procuring his help in hiring Kadira and her Raven Wings to ambush and assassinate the PCs as revenge for the death of Demager.

This assassination failed, and the PCs are currently unaware of any further intentions or activities on the part of Ma Fledwin.

Demager Fledwin

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