Halfling Barbarian Extraordinaire


Halfling Barbarian


Part of the band of adventurer group called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Hollan met Clementine after returning to Ravensburgh to tell Thena that the PCs had cleared out Mayhew’s Study for her, while the rest of the PCs travelled south to deal with Korax. She told Hollan, her new drinking buddy, about Goblinfest and suggested that his group enter. They did, and won, whilst Hollan’s friendship with her blossomed.

Since that time she has given the PCs some minor assistance by warning us of Cezar hiring a mercenary group lead by Feam Tortress to ambush them after they finished clearing the Temple of the Clear Springs. As thanks the PCs gave her the deeds to The Orc’s Head inn in Ravensburgh after they defeated Cezar, and put her forward as a possible councillor for the town.


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