Tiefling trader in magical items


A dealer in magical items whose business takes her to various locations but tends to be found around Ravensburgh. When the PCs first met her she was accompanied by two goliath bodyguards, the brothers Obb and Pob.

Pob was later killed by a group of dragonborn sent by Korax, a young green dragon with a grudge against Brysias after she acquired the Spear of the Endless Winter without realising that it had been stolen from his hoard. Brysias hired the PCs to eliminate Korax as a defence, which they succeeded in doing.

Later, the PCs had some dealings with Brysias and Pennyworth tried to conduct some business with her brother Fyodor. This business went badly wrong when Fyodor betrayed Pennyworth in an ambush to acquire money to pay off his debts with Rakanx. The PCs slew Fyodor and his companions (Pyotr and Vladimir) and returned to give Brysias the bad news. She didn’t seem too upset, under the circumstances.

Brysias has now left the are and may not return for some time.


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