Little 'n' Large

Shivastri's Last Stand

The party takes a few minutes to regroup, and to go over the information they had gathered from Pixie Story about the layout of Shivastri’s lair. The lair has 4 main chambers:

1) Swamplands, where Shivastri is immune to attacks on Fortitude defence
2) Laboratory, where Shivastri is immune to attacks on Reflex defence
3) Treasure Chamber, where Shivastri is immune to attacks on Will defence
4) Private Chapel to Tiamat

Pressing on, the party enters the dark portal to enter the inner sanctum. Upon entering the portal, each party member finds themselves in a long corridor by themselves, engaged somehow in conversation with Shivastri herself. She offers each an inducement to turn to her side, except for Pieter, to whom she only offers threats. All offers are rejected, and the party emerges together into an antechamber with three exits.

Judging from the smells and noises coming from each exit, they correspond to the swamp, laboratory and treasure chamber. Shivastri awaits us in whichever room we choose to confront her.

After a brief review of abilities, the party pushes through into the swamp. There, Shivastri awaits in an area mostly underwater with a few hills poking barely above the water. Alongside her wait four dragonborn lieutentants armed with bows (Encounter 1a).

After a quicker battle than expected, involving some flying, some swimming, some jumping and some sinking, Shivastri makes a strategic retreat to her treasure chamber, and the party makes their way through the swamp to give chase, with varying degrees of speed.

In the treasure chamber, Hollan and Pieter fly in first and see Shivastri resting on a large pile of gold, that shifts uneasily underneath their feet when their feet touch down. They begin battle immediately, to give her no opportunity to recuperate further, and are soon joined by more of their allies (Encounter 1b). Only when Pennyworth tries to target her with magic designed to seek out the nearest enemy does the party realise that they have been attacking a decoy, a younger dragon called Googol (spelling?) who is the guardian of the treasure hoard. Shivastri herself erupts from under a mound of gold to attack the flank, and battle is renewed again until a fierce blow by X (anyone remember?) causes her to retreat again in a rage, flying off to her laboratory.

Leaving the treasure chamber in a more tight-knit group this time, the Little ‘n’ Large burst into the laboratory as one. This time they are faced with a room filled with arcane energies collected in flames, portals and devices around the room. 15 mechanical drones stand ready to defend their mistress in a variety of ways that include immobilising, preventing teleporting, suppressing arcane powers or simply shooting. As the party enters, Shivastri taunts Pennyworth in particular by unleashing a group of four repurposed warforged into the fray (Encounter 1c). One of these warforged bears a striking resemblance to a companion Pennyworth had in his earlier days as part of the The Iron Fist of Kezrak Azad. Unfortunately for the wyrm, the formidable mechanical foursome declare their orders inappropriate, defy her orders and teleport out of the battlefield. The party pressed their advantage to sweep a number of the drones aside and immobilise Shivastri for a flurry of attacks, though by now several party members were on their last reserves of health and abilities.

Shivastri escapes again and flees to her private chapel to Tiamat to lick her wounds and prepare her last stand. This time she has no allies to assist her, but the very presence of the chapel exudes an oppressive aura that begins eroding the health of the party as soon as they set foot into the room (Encounter 1d). Despite, and because of, this oppressive aura the team rushes Shivastri and pours everything they have into taking her down.

Ultimately, they prevail and the great wyrm is finally defeated by Pieter’s final killing blow. With her dying breath she curses her enemies (not magically, just words) and tells them that they are just pawns of a greater plan (The Hawk?) and her final, gasped words are ‘The Starchild lies…’

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesAction PointsDaily Powers usedPrayersExperience PointsLevel
HollanFull (159)8 left?Displacer Feyleather Armour?Experience22
Kavaki896 left0Rune of Meritorious Alacrity,
Rune of Boundless Fury,
Avalanche Assault,
Rune of Reinvigoration,
Rune of Arcing Lightning,
Pelor’s Sun Blessing,
Gloves of Grace,
Fortune’s Nod
1x Hit to CritExperience22
Max1236 left?Wrath of the Gods,
Arcane Gate,
Call From the Brink,
Time Stop,
Wall of Fire,
Radiant Crusade,
Inspiring Word,
Winged Boots,
Stone of Spirit,
Githyanki Silver Longsword,
Ring of Dread
PennyworthFull (14x?)2 left?Dark One’s Own Luck,
Master of Magic,
Ring of Shadowguard,
Stone of Flame
2x Pass a Saving Throw,
1x Successful enemy attack misses
Pieter1705 left?Lay On Hands (all),
Hallowed Circle,
Magic Shield,
Holy Symbol,
Alliance Band,
Feystep Lacings
+3 more to roll forExperience22
Théorn135 (+6?)8 left?A rage power or two?1x Hit to Crit,
1x Reroll Attack +5



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