Little 'n' Large

Swordmage stand-off, Tri-Force sacrifice and the Time of the Twin

Mixed performances...

Battling through the corridors of Shivastri’s Lair, the party came face to face with a party of adventurers called Pixie Story, known to be pawns of The Hawk’s Left Hand and current associates of Shivastri.

Despite agitating for a fight by some members on both sides, a truce was negotiated with some information shared each way and the Doomswords offered to the Fairy Tale group as part of the bargain. Little ‘n’ Large learned that The Hawk has three parts to their organisation: The Left Hand, The Right Hand and The Underhand. Merrick appears to be an agent of The Right Hand, and the Pixie Story party wish to meet him. Most of the party are under magical geas not to reveal his name or whereabouts, but Kavaki (who is searching for him in relation to his lost cousin Nella) was not present for the spell and was able to assist the flow of information. The Pixie Story party are searching for some of The Towers of The Nine.

Moving on from this encounter with no blood shed on either side, the party enters a room full of statues and encounters the Swordmage Maicer Izturis, wielding the Doomblade Pallbearer. The chambers are magically warded to make teleporting painful, and there are many dragonborn in attendance. After bantering a little with Hollan, Maicer Izturis and his crew (some mages, a couple of soldiers? and two hidden assassins) attack. It is a pitched battle fought in cramped quarters with bursts of dragon breath and magical attacks going off on both sides, and the party eventually emerges battered but victorious.

At this point, Pennyworth’s consciousness is suddenly split; watching an attack by The Tri-Force on name? Kavastri’s twin brother/sister?. Two of the three Warforged are cut down in battle and all looks lost, when The Green Fire whispers to Pennyworth, asking him what sacrifice he would make to turn the tide. After barely a moment’s pause, Pennyworth gives up his knowledge of the First and Second Secrets of The Green Fire to assist his progeny. He feels The Green Fire within ebb, and then a tidal wave of power engulfs The Tri-Force and their mechanical father and destroys seriously. I can’t remember the name. The Green Fire then subsides from the breast of Pennyworth, leaving the Warlock’s to be powered by the stars (not sure how to write this bit). As a reminder of its passing, Pennyworth’s favoured implement, the Spork of Corruption he had nurtured since Goblinfest, gained in power.

Pushing further into the depths of the lair, the party no longer encounters much resistance in the corridors. Heading further down some stairs, they enter a large room where General Kavastri waits. There is no going back, and no going forward without battling through Kavastri himself, his consort [X], an avalanche dragon, two Marut bodyguards, a mage at the back and a duergar Phastamer controlling multiple spinning blades moving around the room.

Théorn’s recollections after the rage mists cleared…
…Théorn clambered to his feet, feeling the sting of the gravel whipping around the dragon, the “consort” of the foul Kivastri, whose head lay pulped at the feet of Kavaki.

He was aware that his friends were at the end of their strength, bloody but unbowed. He could not allow this creature to wreak its revenge upon them. He could feel the speed gathered within him, like running across the flat tundra and frozen fields of his youth.

As he raised his head, he saw the ice around the drake’s feet begin to crack as it raised itself upon its back legs and spread its wings wide, ready to hurl itself into the air. He could see with the clarity of a pure stream time flowing around him and knew he had one opportunity, one chance.

There. There was the gap and there was the blade swinging upwards, cleaving into the unprotected belly of the beast with all the power of his rage, all the weight of an avalanche. It struck the creature with a crack like the cleaving of a glacier.

Such was the force and power drawn into Théorn’s swing, Pennyworth sensed the cold…the true, deep cold that surrounded his distant guiding star. Kavaki, whilst knowing that he was shone upon by Pelor, felt that light, not as the hot sun of summer, but the fragile light that sparkles on the frost of winter. Max, shivered, for perhaps the first time in…how long? She couldn’t remember. The followers of Bahamut knew then the power of a blizzard, a storm so cold that even lightning rode reluctantly.

The dragon continued to rear but its wings flew back further and further as the body cracked, splintered and fell in two, frozen bones shattering as they hit the ground around Théorn’s feet.

With a great howl, he let the rage free, released for now, yet knowing that this would not be the last time he had to surrender to its power before this day was through.

3 prayers each at end of session (and new Action Point for reaching a milestone?)
Max rolled a +12 for healing surge bonus after last encounter

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesAction PointsDaily Powers usedPrayersExperience PointsLevel
HollanFull (159)8 left?Displacer Feyleather Armour?216,56322
Kavaki534 left2Rune of Meritorious Alacrity,
Rune of Boundless Fury,
Avalanche Assault,
Rune of Reinvigoration,
Gloves of Grace,
Fortune’s Nod
1x Pass a Saving Throw,
1x Hit to Crit,
+3 more to roll for
Max1236 left?Wrath of the Gods,
Arcane Gate,
Call From the Brink,
Time Stop,
Wall of Fire,
Radiant Crusade,
Inspiring Word,
Winged Boots,
Stone of Spirit,
Githyanki Silver Longsword,
Ring of Dread
PennyworthFull (14x?)2 left?Dark One’s Own Luck,
Master of Magic,
Ring of Shadowguard,
Stone of Flame
2x Pass a Saving Throw,
1x Successful enemy attack misses
Pieter1705 left?Lay On Hands (all),
Hallowed Circle,
Magic Shield,
Holy Symbol,
Alliance Band,
Feystep Lacings
+3 more to roll for226,49522
Théorn135 (+6?)8 left?A rage power or two?1x Hit to Crit,
1x Reroll Attack +5



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