Little 'n' Large

Re-encounter with the Band of N and dinner party with von Braun

Session 45

1 5,600 Band of five ranger mid-air ambush
2 16,800 Band of five (leader, caster, barbarian) hangover to end all…. (Hollan) Foe Caller Gauntlets
3 17,100 Flesh golem, Ambrose von Shrauben, Viscount von Braun, Hellstrom, Izzit (random wizard) tentacles! Sword of gales upgrades to +4

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience PointsLevel
Eli?? remaining?133,39619
Hollan?? remaining?127,93019
Max?? remaining?134,07419
Pennyworth?? remaining?128,08019
Pieter?? remaining?131,72919



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