Little 'n' Large

Underground, Overground Vampire-Hunting Free

Session 39

Looking back after the subduing of the Vampire Mistress, the party recollected that they had purchased a pair of scrolls of resurrection, 5 healing potions and a significant sum of money on some new gloves for Pennyworth, the most stylish Automaton in the North and an array of trinkets for Max, newly declared Baron von Wiedersburg.

After a lot of back and forth between Pieter and the Vampiress, Max turns the captive inside out, feeding on her jealousy and desire to remain powerful. She reveals that the Necrocount has 2 phylacteries, 1 in the hands of the “Dead Man”, an undead servant who has always risen to serve the Necrocounts of old and that she will reveal where the other is if we remove a certain other Vampire from his position of power. We agree to do this, as long as she stays in our power until revealing the other location of a phylactery.

So, we leave her with Lionel Hoegaarden a priest in service to the von Neumann family, who owe us a favour. We will return with the head of Elder Ysnt, head of the vampires in Necrotia. We suspect he is in Castle bleak, so make our way there with undue haste.

Arriving at the castle, Pennyworth performs an Augury to find the best way/time to enter the castle. This reveals a path through Earth. Not stone. Théorn then uses “Talk with the Animals” and persuades some moles to help us dig a tunnel under the walls of the castle to get in, as they know of a gap in the “Hard Earth” where there are now worms.

Entering an outflow tunnel from the castle, the party encounter some zombies and a Whirlwind of Death, which causes Théorn to attack Hollan, critically hitting him. Hollan then, in turn, crits on Max…

We clamber out of the oubliette and Théorn smashes a door down which was barred and preventing our progress. This reveals a corridor, in which we meet and make friends with Mundo, the keeper of the Master’s pets. We placate his fears and head upstairs to where the master lives. We find a tomb and some alcoves.

Théorn and Hollan open the casket to drive a stake into the heart of the suspected vampire within, who unfortunately, rises along with 5 other wights. Max creates a wall of fire down the corridor which helps to prevent them from overwhelming us and Théorn smashes the Wight commander like a boss and appropriates his jagged axe…

We head upstairs and along a long corridor with doors on each side, which are the sleeping and living quarters of the vampires’ thralls. Théorn removes the dinner gong and when challenged by a thrall, persuades them he is working as a gong repair man.

We then bust into the vampires’ bedrooms upstairs again and stake the first urgently. Alas, she lets out a scream which alerts the other vampires who we rush towards and stake in a panicked frenzy.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?75,799 (16)
Max?? remaining?80,159 (16)
Pennyworth1108 remainingVisage of the Onyx Queen, Belth of Fitness74,165 (16)
Pieter?? remaining?77,814 (16)
Théorn?? remaining?79,481 (16)



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