Little 'n' Large

Band of Brothers?

Session 37

The party walk through the doorway, ready to face the Red Arcanists, but are interrupted by a voice from the viewing gallery indicating a 15 minute delay.

Max is taken aside by Per Mertesacker and is informed that the Band of Four is now the Band of Five again, as they have had a mysterious Bladeling join them. We are offered our choice of assistance. Max mentions Hollan, who joins us for the fight.

The Red Arcanists clamber up onto some platforms above the arena which also features teleportation portals to take you on or off those platforms. Max opens an arcane gate at the first opportunity, through which the party erupts cutting a pair of the arcanists off from their chosen teleportation portal and leaving them to the fate of being knocked about by the party. The floor starts emitting poisonous gas, then floods with water. as the fight continues. Theorn manages to knock one of the Arcanists prone under water to make her surrender, whilst Pennyworth mind-controls a different wizard, causing no end of hilarity. (Encounter 1)


We win through comfortably and reach the final, which will announce the start of the Grand Melee, the next morning.

Overnight, we discover that we must pick the sides for the Melee with the Band of Five, by selecting teams based on which members of the Nine they have pledged to. Max and Pennyworth persuade Sabine to enter, as part of the Melded One.

Pennyworth goes to meet Ser Cog and his owner, and following discussions finds out that he needs to travel to the north west to the land beyond Hyrcana where the Dwarves who constructed him may live. Pennyworth also reveals that he knows Ser Cog is not a member of the Fist of Karak-Azad. Instead, Pennyworth inducts Ser Cog into the brotherhood of the Green Flame, which Ser Cog accepts, but shuts down to assimilate the changes.

Max goes to speak to Verdum and meets an Illithid ambassador who he/she talks to psychically. Max and Verdum have a discussion and discover that The Von Osterhagens are fighting against the Schraubers politically and this may impact on the Melee tomorrow.

We end up selecting a combat strong, Politics weak team including Ser Cog’s owner. This should enable us to win both the most honourable fighter award and the grand melee as a whole.

Before the Melee, Theorn finds himself mediating in front of the Blade of Wrongness before he realises that Kalashnikash’s spirit has been shouting at him for ten minutes. He recognises that Theorn is being absorbed by the blade and must either break away from it or be consumed. Theorn claims that he is in control…

The Band of Five and Little ‘n’ Large arrive in the centre of the field of the grand melee and face off against each other. Destain opens the fight by charging into Theorn before Hollan hits him with Reapers Touch. The fight swings one way, then the other, with Hollan claiming the lives of two of the Five and Theorn one of the others, whilst Pennyworth turns three of the Band of Five into stone for a while. Eventually, only Dervek the Elven ranger is left. Theorn stalks up to him and plunges the blade of Wrongness into the ground at his feet before walking away. The elf faints and a horn blows, indicating the start of the Melee. (Encounter 2)

Where the Blade of Wrongness entered the soil an enormous tree erupts, almost identical to that from which the sword was plucked in the Feywild. Theorn appropriates a large axe from the body of a member of the Band of 5/4/3/2/1 to use in the melee.

(Encounter 1) The Red Arcanists – 4 red wizards from Stralen + A swordmage leader? No Loot.
(Encounter 2) The Band of Five – 1 Twin-striking Ranger, 1 barbarian, 1 Warlock, 1 Fighter and 1 Necromancer. 1 +4 Githyanki silver blade, 2 +4 neckpieces (cloak of pockets, necklace of fortune) and Something else…

Character status at end of session:
Everyone has used all their encounters and dailies, by the looks of things…

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?61,159 (15)
Max?? remaining?67,639 (15)
Pennyworth?? remaining?63,595 (15)
Pieter?? remaining?64,844 (15)
Théorn1145 remainingAll Rages,Stone of Earth, Combat Surge66,511 (15)



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