Little 'n' Large

Bad Times in Bad Taubersheim

Session 35

After rescuing Cartesia Withers, the party manage to return to Isolholm in time for the planned boat trip north.

Prior to leaving, Max visits Mikel Scweinsteiger and imforms him of our having saved Cartesia Withers. Mikel admits he owes Max a favour and gives Max his seal to identify us to his father. The rest of the party agree to accompany Cartesia to the tournament

Party travel upriver to Kölf with Sabine, VS, Cartesia and a pair of coffee traders. Kölf is a seaport with a population around 50k, and the smell of the salt water and so many people is unpleasant to Theorn.

As a seaport and a major trading hub, the party go shopping. Theorn finds a new pair of shoes (Boots of the Mighty Charge) whilst Pennyworth acquires a scroll of resurrection and a teleportation vine. Pennyworth and the rest of the party work to set up an improved coffee supply line to Ravensburg. unfortunately the Baron of Kolf is also head of the merchants guild and so the party decide to operate “outside the lines” and end up employing Kartofflesen and Co. over t Burbenhausen Inc.

Pieter speaks to Archbishop Gottfried Burghauss and ends up giving a sermon to the worshippers of Bahamut as the Archbishop has already left for Bad Taubersheim.

The party , along with CW, VS and Sabine head west along the canal to Bad Taubersheim
On the way, Sabine outlines the tournament which is based around four main heros:

  • Black Felix (Felix GeSchwartzer)
  • Sir Mikkel von Oosterhaagen (Jousting)
  • [Two others whose names I didn’t write down]

Per Mertesacker is hosting a 5 man tournament.

Unfortunately for Sabine, her father is tracking her with magic after entering Von Oosterhaagen lands as she is his daughter and must be kept safe and married off. She, however wants to prove herself and can’t if he is aware of her presence, etc. Luckily Max and Pennyworth are able to use their arcane knowledge to break the divination spell upon her.

A day later 2 Griffons alight adjacent to the boat with officials from the Oosterhaagen family (Ser Axell, Gretel) who are looking for Sabine. Theorn bluffs their enquiries by pretneding to be stupid and they leave. Theorn and Pennyworth then work together rowing to improve the speed of the ship until we reach Bad Taubersheim (Theorn fails utterly on the rowing)

Arriving at Bad Taubersheim, they persuade Sabine von Osterhagen to disguise herself and enter the joust so as not to give herself away to her father. The party enter the Joust (Max) and Sword (Theorn, Pieter, Max) individual events, as well as the 5 man Team event…

Pieter attempts to find the Archbishop, only to discover he passed away two weeks ago and Archbishop Von Trauben has taken over. Pieter also chats to Liesel Lahm who is another paladin of Bahamut.

Pieter then escorts Cartesia to the court. She is very excited about this. Ser Ambros von Trauben challenges them as a Paladin of Pelor. Pieter goes to Lord Volguard, Lord Otis and lady Otis. Pieter makes a friend.

Max visits the Hand and embarrasses the guard on the way through. The Hand is puzzled about Max’s provenance but much prefers Max to Verdun, who is unpopular at court. The Hand requests Max’s loyalty and in order to prove it we must clear out the Necrocount, which we agree to. Max cannot act as a Baron until after the tournament. There has also been a Necrotian entry to the tournament, but this must be stopped, somehow…

The party try to work out who the Necrotian entry would be and Pennyworth performs an augury which reveals images of a stone tomb with a saintly knight on top who emerges from the tomb cloaked in darkness carrying a sword. Is this Black Felix?

Following this lead we discover that each of the gates is dedicated to one of the Tournament founders and so we head to Black Felix gate but are rebuffed in our attempts to enter.

All entrants to the joust must attend a banquet the night before, which we attend. At the head of the table is the Queen, Allarin the Dragon and Per Mertesacker.

The entrants are announced and at the end, Barven of Necrotia steps forward and announces that Black Felix will be entering on the behalf of Necrotia. Max and the rest of the party step forward and challenge them on grounds of something or other. Per sets the challenge to be adjudicated at the same time as the joust qualifiers, preventing the Necortians entering the tournament. Success!

That night the party guard the Von Oosterhaagen tomb to prevent his body being resurrected by the Necrotians, Max thinks that if the churches stand united, in vigil then the other tombs may be kept intact as well. Speaking to a conclave of the church heads Max asks them to stand together. 4 of the 7 church leaders are mmebers of the Von Trauben family, one is Pieters friend and he eventually agrees to vote against his siblings and to defend the tombs. This does not make him popular (Uther). This leads to [Encounter 1] in which Theorn is mostly weakend, clouds are revealed to be useless in a tomb and the Spirit of the necromancer fled east towards Necrotia.

The priests are successful in defending their tombs though are exhausted.

The next morning the Bow contest is won by Lemony of the Band of Five
The Axe contest is won by Kraatoshi of the Band of Five
The Wrestling contest is won by Adli Werebear who gives a cry of “Ni-Kalashnikash” upon his victory.

Then the challenge issued by the party must be accepted and so [Encounter 2] begins with the party squaring off agianst Barven, Black Felix and Ser Arden. We are victorious and Pennyworht claims +4 Irrefutable armour and we recieve as a gift from the queen a tapestry worth 600GP.

Following the qualifiers, the draw for the joust is as follows:
1: Kurt Von Rurt (Schteiner) Vs Llorent El Michelak (Verdun)
2: Max Vs. Ser Ambrose Von Trauben (Von Trauben – who is exhausted after his vigil)
3: Ser Cog of the Broken Fist of Karak-Azad (Who Pennyworth remembers fighting alongside?/Against?) Vs. Pieter (nominated by the queen?)
4: Bishop Dragobert vs Destain of the Pit, of the Band of Five
5: Hellstrom von Braun (Von Braun) vs Hildegard von Schweinsteiger
6: Hild Bittersword vs. Ser Axell
7: Gretel vs Ulf Von Namen (Von Oosterhaagen)
8: Sabine vs Scrumford de Mer

(Encounter 1) 6 Claw Beasts, 2 Black Armoured Knights, 2 Bone Archivists and a Necromancer (7500xp)
(Encounter 2) Felix GeSchwartzer, Barven, Ser Arden. (7600xp)
(Encounter 3)

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?47,831 (14)
Max?? remaining?57,804 (15)
Pennyworth?? remaining?53,760 (14)
Pieter?? remaining?55,009 (14)
Théorn?? remaining?56,676 (14)



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