Little 'n' Large

Werewolves! There wolves!

Session 34

Day ?:

We continue the journey up river to Fork, where the boat stops and we find tavern to stay in while arranging further travel details. In the tavern Max goes to get some food and spots, out of the corner of her eye, the coat of arms of Sir Osamiron von Something. She recalls that he was a great tournament knight from Stralen and had come to prove that humans were great warriors, especially compared to Estralia (? – is this the wrong way round?). However, the man in his armour in the tavern is very definitely a Half-Elf, and his companions do not seem terribly suitable for a knight. Max approaches and in a brief conversation proves he is an imposter! A fight (Encounter 1) ensues, in which Max floats through the ceiling and into her armour whilst Kavaki smashes through the upstairs window and then back in through the wall on the ground floor.

After killing his allies, all of whom are Werewolves (and whose bite appears to have infected Théorn) he tells us that the real one was killed while they kidnapped Cartesia “Joan” Withers and stashed her in the forest (working with the Necrocount to destabilise political marriage alliance in the region). The local guard arrive, with a princeling in tow, who reveals the penalty for Lycanthropy is death, and justice is swiftly meted out by Théorn, who knows them to be false and untrustworthy.

The group rests and heads off into forest to find Cartesia. Apparently nobody goes more than half a mile into the forest and returns alive. Half a mile into the forest, Théorn uses his ability to speak with the animals to find out where the lady had been taken. Some squirrels (why always squirrels?) reveal that it was probably the cave guarded by the Venom Maw Hydra. The party follow the directions and come across the Hydra. Avoiding an ambush, the PCs pin it down in a fire until it dies (Encounter 2).

The party then follow the river upstream to a cave entrance, where our stomping around alerts the inhabitants and we some werewolves come out to fight, including a hill giant werewolf called Varg (Encounter 3). Theorn skins Varg’s pelt as a fine trophy and the party rescues the princess – huzzah!

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?47,831 (14)
Kavaki5410 remainingRune of Meritorious Alacrity, Rune of the Final Act, Rune of Shielding, Stormwalker’s Cloak, Rune of the Undeniable Dawn54,340 (14)
Max?? remaining?53,029 (14)
Pennyworth?? remaining?48,985 (14)
Pieter?? remaining?50,234 (14)
Théorn?? remaining?51,901 (14)



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