Little 'n' Large

War is Hell

Session 32

Day ?, continued:

The party speaks with Knight Saviour Stewart in private, warning him of their suspicions that there was a traitor in the temple. Pieter requests that all civilians be relocated to close by the exit teleport that only he knows of.

Next the captive derro is interrogated, though he doesn’t know a great deal about the ambush beyond that the forces were mobilised in a hurry and included many of the leaders and heavy hitters. Clementine apparently fought ferociously, and was personally taken down by Kerrigan. He also mentions that Sivius is insecure about his appearance and is jumping the gun a little on the attack to prove he is as worthy as his younger siblings. Thus not all of the forces are present yet.

Pennyworth distributed chess pieces to various people in order to later speak to them with his fey gift and find what their carriers had been saying.

We discover from Thena that only the council was privy to the information about going after St. Bradaman’s sword.

Investigating Carson, we discover that he has been going to an elderly woman for medical treatment, and a paladin later identifies this woman as Ma Fledwin. The party goes to apprehend her, and finds her quarters empty. We race to the civilians and apprehend her.

Upon interrogation, she spills the beans and tells us that she bribed someone to let her daughter Kara leave by one of the teleport methods, carrying the information she had learned from the unwitting Carson.

With this resolved, the party directs the paladins to set up fortifications around the entrance to the undeground village to funnel the incoming enemies down a narrowed path if possible.

While the fortifications are underway, the party uses the two-way teleport site to exit the temple and travel to intercept Grumford Darkhammer and the minotaur tribe he is bringing to fight for Sivius’ armies, lead by Barrenhood Shieldbreaker. Recalling that minotaurs are impressed by strength and by gold, the PCs confront the group as a whole and call out the duergar for hiring the minotaurs to fight against a much smaller force comprised largely of civilians. Barrenhoof Shieldbreaker wavers, and says the he will join whichever side pays him enough and is the strongest. To test he pits the party against Grumford and his duergar allies, but fights on the side of the duergar as they have currently hired him (Encounter 1).

After defeating the duergar, the party haggles with Barrenhoof a little and ends up giving him 5,000gp as well as Grumford Darkhammer’s warhammer and Theorn’s old fullblade in return for his tribe’s services in battle.

Returning to the temple we are magically rested and begin to dig in to make use of the fortifications. Once the hill giants break through the caved in rocks the armies begin to clash in skirmishes across the entrance. The defenders score some early victories, and the minotaurs prove invaluable, before the line begins to come under pressure. During the battle Chastain Windrunner is pushed back repeatedly until forced to confront the PCs up close, where she is soundly defeated (Encounter 2).

The remaining forces begin to spill over the fortifications somewhat and whittle down the defending troops. Barrenhoof and the last few surviving minotaurs are defeated, and manage to retreat, while careful use of ranged attacks pick off some of the goblin and dragonborn enemy units. Eventually the depleted forces on both sides clash enough that Sivius and his lieutenants come into direct conflict with the party in the middle of the battlefield (Encounter 3). It’s a close call, but Sivius is defeated and his armies routed, thus the temple is successfully defended for now (Quest).

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?42,445 (13)
Max?? remaining?42,543 (13)
Napoleon510 remainingStaggering Spin, Scarab of Insanity, Stand the Fallen43,854 (13)
Pennyworth948 remainingTyrannical Threat43,599 (13)
Pieter1146 remainingHallowed Circle, Shroud of Ravens, Lay on Handsx1, Healing Font39,748 (13)
Théorn973 remaining?43,735 (13)



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