Little 'n' Large

Learning about Shivastri's forces

Session 30

Day ?, continued:

Skgrrrt, the goblin, lies at our feet ready for interrogation. Théorn begins by asking where we are. Skgrrrt says it used to be known as the hunting grounds of the Broken-knuckle tribe and says that we can still join Shivastri if we wish. Théorn responds to this by informing him that we killed Rakanx, to which Skgrrrt looks shocked. He says Rakanx has been dead for 7 months and Shivastri has been searching for us for all this time. He says we should now fear Kerrigan, and Rakanx’ older brother Plutarch Redthroat.

Skgrrrt mentions that it’s strange that our friends held out hope so long that we would save them. He says Gosfair has been taken and the Wheelwright family tortured, and that Kerrigan now rules Ravensburgh from a pub called The Barbarian and the Swordmage. Threats go back and forth, whereby we learn that Essian the Malevolent, a yuan-ti torturer, is assisting Plutarch Redthroat. Skqrrrt also tells us that Chastain Windrunner, one of Shivastri’s strongest allies, is nearby but the rest of the tribe is back in Shivastri’s lands. He tells us how Brindeez Sharptooth suspected that the elf who arrived here a week ago might have been one of the Windrunner tribe, and headed south to hunt her.

Maxima intimidates Skgrrrt and he agrees to give us information if we give him half of his money back. Interrogation ensures and we learn that Shivastri’s forces are split between groups lead by:

  • Kerrigan, a blue dragon
  • Brindeez Sharptooth
  • Plutarch Redthroat, a dragonborn of fire
  • Chastain Windrunner, an elf
  • Grumford Darkhammer, a duergar
  • Sivius, one of the children of Shivastri and Kagil

Furthermore, we are able to wheedle a few more bits of information from the goblin:

  1. The Temple of the Clear Springs is blocked by fallen rocks. Sivius is leading the siege, and waiting for hill giants to arrive to clear the rocks.
  2. Grumford Darkhammer is a day’s ride east of Bayard, trying to recruit Barrenhoof Shieldbreaker, leader of the Ironskin tribe of minotaurs.
  3. Chastain Windrunner is west of Barstow, recruiting goblin and gnoll tribes
  4. Plutarch Redthroat, Kerrigan’s right-hand man, is commanding the forces that took the temple from the paladins in Gosfair. He has been interrogating Thena for information on the location of the sword of St Bradaman. He may also be holding prisoner a goliath (who may be Obb), Clementine, Sparky Jr., Knight Adjunct Levia, Sir Ulric. He was last seen in Gosfair and is accompanied by Essian the Malevolent.
  5. Plutarch Redthroat normally fights by going for the biggest foe first to show dominance.
  6. Brindeez Sharptooth is currently somewhere to the south, hunting Halley Windrunner. He is a soldier and leads forces of dragonborn mounted on lion drakes. In battle he tries to kill off opposing healers first.
  7. Kerrigan divides his time between Ravensburgh and the siege at the Temple of the Clear Springs, and is searching for the sword of St Bradaman.
  8. Kerrigan’s tactics involve using his Blue dragon lightning breath. He is also paranoid about protecting his horde, which oddly for a dragon contains no metal.
  9. Kerrigan carries no items, but wears a collar that allows him to use his dragon breath more frequently than most dragons.

We are half a day’s ride (6 hours) to the north of Ravensburgh. As per our deal for the information, we give Skgrrtt 100gp and set him free but send him north. It is early morning, so we head south to Ravensburgh.

After a couple of hours’ riding we find strange furrows in the earth, which Théorn recognises as the trails of a Bulette (land shark) but larger, like a Dire Bulette. The tracks are two days old but we keep an eye out to be safe. When we get closer to town we keep hidden and try to scout things out. There are fewer signs of industry, caravans, etc. around the town walls, but stationed at entrances are 4 sentries (which are bigger and broader than most humans, but can’t make them out properly).

We approach from the north, in rudimentary disguise as a patrol escorting a prisoner (Napoleon). A few more sentries (all dragonborn) gather as we approach and a large green Dragonborn hails Hollan as we approach. Before our cover can be blown too badly and lose us the upper hand, Napoleon initiates a surprise attack Encounter 1.

After defeating the sentries we move through the town, seeing faces in the windows looking out as we hurry through the streets. The villagers are whispering our names and saying we are to take on the War Council (various comments suggest to us that this includes a hill giant, a snake thing and the Gravelstoke brothers). Near to the inn formerly known as The Orc’s Head, we run into this War Council and battle them to defeat in the streets and inside the inn, where a wizard posed as Kerrigan using illusions (Encounter 2).

Upon our victory the villages crowd us, cheering. Apparently Pastor Waverley had exulted them to bear arms against the invaders, but then fled with Clementine and Thena to the Temple of the Clear Springs. We request horses to follow to Gosfair to rescue the others, and Ellis obliges us.

Before we depart, Napoleon searches the inn but finds no more information amongst the enemy items. Meanwhile Max interrogates the captured dragonborn soldier, finding out the following:

  1. He thought Kerrigan was here in Ravensburgh, and knows no more of the dragon’s real location.
  2. A group of people from the Temple of the Clear Springs were captured and taken to Gosfair.

Hollan searches through Thena’s workshop for information on St Bradaman’s blade, but just makes a mess. Pennyworth tries to piece together information from his memories of history. St Bradaman was a hero who served Bahamut years and years ago. He was a virtuous knight who may have ascended to demigod status. Thena and the paladins had been searching for the blade, and local dragonborn had talked about snapping it if found. It’s probably somewhere further south than Gosfair.

Pennyworth also uses his new Speak with Sentinels gift on the painting of Hollan and Clementine in the inn, asking what it/they witnessed. Painting Clementine doesn’t know much but can tell us that Kerrigan tended to fly to the south-west, and that whenever he was around the inn there was a closely guarded wagon that seemed to be empty.

Pennyworth then draws a map in the town square with Hollan’s spear and the enemy blood and use his Augury power to determine the quickest, safest route to Gosfair to save our friends. Chardonnay pecks at the route that goes through Bayard.

As it is early afternoon already we gather provisions, take the horses and head towards Gosfair. We ride hard to Bayard, arriving late in the evening. Two horses go lame as we approach, but otherwise the trip was uneventful beyond a couple of kobolds peering out of the trees. The people are subdued and surprised to see new faces in the inn, but talking to them we find out:

  1. Grumford Darkhammer left here this morning, but dragonborn patrols go through every 12 hours or so (last one was 5 hours ago).
  2. Grumford leads forces entirely of duergar, and likes to target weakness. He concentrates attacks on bloodied foes to finish them off.
  3. The occupying forces in Gosfair have taken over the paladins’ base, and control the whole town.

We buy two new horses (200gp, trading in the old ones) and rest for the night.

Day ?:

We wake at 5am, about an hour before the next patrol is due. Pennyworth auguries again to find a safe path avoiding the patrol. Chardonnay indicates a detour through the forest around the patrol, before rejoining the road. We take this route, cautiously and carefully. About half an hour later Chardonnay, flying above us, spots the patrol passing on the road. We rejoin the road and ride briskly to Gosfair.

An hour outside Gosfair, around 5pm, we spy the town walls. We wait for dusk and make a straight run for the walls, where we see a few snake-like figures with bows. As we get close we hear shouting and a bell starts to clang as we fly over the walls and assault the sentries on duty Encounter 3. The last couple of enemies surrender…

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience Points
Hollan?? remaining?35,279 (12)
Max?? remaining?35,377 (12)
Napoleon765 remainingStand the Fallen36,688 (12)
Pennyworth898 remainingAugury, 2nd Secret of the Green Flame, Soul Burn36,433 (12)
Pieter10813 remaining-32,582 (12)
Théorn?? remaining?36,569 (12)



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