Little 'n' Large

Orienteering in the Feywild

Session 25

Day 1 in the Feywild, continued:


Pennyworth and Max awake in darkness within a blue, glowing pentagram. They are in a roughly circular cavern about 40-50 ft across. There is another glowing blue pentagram on the wall and a ledge running around it approximately 30 ft up that leads to an exit. They can hear noises from the exit, but can’t make out detail. Pennyworth cracks open a sunrod, which prompts sounds of surprise from the exit, then silence.

Investigating the pentagram, Pennyworth vaguely recognises it as being designed for those like him, and assumes that Max was simply swept along with him. Testing this, Pennyworth can’t exit the circle, but Max is able to. As she steps out, they hear a voice say “Interesting”. Then Pennyworth teleports out.

A woman enters the cavern. She looks to be in her mid-20s, either human or elven, with long dark hair. She notes that Pennyworth is unusual, and introduces herself as Juvis. She says that it’s been a long time since any iron-born tried to bring cold iron to the feywild, and that the trap holds those not breathing and sheathed in metal. Pennyworth makes introductions and explains that our mission here is not to do with the fey and asks to be allowed to leave. Juvis requests a bribe, of a magical item, but Pennyworth and Max refuse so she leaves.

Once she is out of the cavern Pennyworth summons Chardonnay. He sends her flying up to scout, and then to take a rope up and loop it round a boulder so that they can climb up. As Pennyworth clambers up, Juvis and an eladrin run back in. Pennyworth negotiates with them to stall for time while Max climbs up but they attack (Encounter 1a).


Théorn puts on Kellerin‘s armour to taunt him, while Pieter negotiates with him in elvish. Kellerin hasn’t heard of Shivastri, but mentions that he comes from the city of Titrian, which is governed by 8 noble houses. Pieter offers whatever funereal rites would be needed for the dead centaurs and Lellerian. We agree to bring along the bodyguard’s body for resurrection. Kellerin tells us there are three paths to the city:

  1. The Path of Seasons
  2. The Path of Sky
  3. The Path of the Fair

and that the next stop on the way is the gnome village of Dappledown. Napoleon tries asking about the missing companions, and at his description of Pennyworth Kellerin mentions holding defences guarded by “Wise Women”, or Hags.

The group starts walking, with finding their companions fixed firmly in their minds. Further along the foliage around the path changes to autumnal and we hear singing in elvish (a song about eating gnomes). Kellerin says it’s the song of a Verbeeg hunting party. Verbeegs are a type of giant, but a little one, hence the name (“For giants, they’re not verbeeg”). We decide to hide beside the path and see three giants carrying four gnomes trussed up on poles, two each between them. Unfortunately they see Napoleon and attack (Encounter 1b).

Back with Max and Pennyworth…

Max and Pennyworth explore the caverns. Pennyworth fails to disrupt the blue pentagrams, but they find red and purple pits. It does not appear to be an obvious Hag’s lair. Pennyworth tries to disrupt the spells by overloading them. Explosions ensue and the cavern shakes as Max and Pennyworth flee the crumbling and imploding caves. Rocks fall. Nobody dies.

Outside, Max and Pennyworth find themselves in front of a hill, with snow-laden trees all around. Fey energy is all around and Chardonnay can smell Winterclaw owlbears in the vicinity. They set off towards a mountain on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party…

Napoleon frees the gnomes, named Zordan, Zavlinda, Lane and Harrow. Zordan explains that they will answer questions, but that one of them lies while the others tell the truth. Each can be asked a question in turn, otherwise the words will be twisted by “The Lady” (Lady of the Seasons ?).

Some complicated and confusing questioning eventually suggests that we travel east, “to where the bears shit ice”. We set off, and the surroundings eventually shift from autumn to winter. Théorn finds some dung, stepping on it and hearing it crunch icily.

Returning to the others…

Chardonnay flies up to see the mountain and act as a waypoint, but she keeps ending up behind. Shadowy figures can be seen in the trees, stalking along nearby, as Max and Pennyworth seem to be travelling in circles.

The shadowy figures turn out to be the rest of the group, and the party is reunited. After brief updates from both sides, Kellerin interrupts to tell us that we’ve been targeted by a displacer beast packlord. As we prepare for attack, four displacer beasts stalk out of the forest, followed later by the packlord (Encounter 2). The fight is difficult. Kellerin is eaten by the packlord and Pieter doesn’t survive the battle.

Afterwards, Théorn skins the beasts and we gather up Pieter’s body before stumbling in a daze and making our way to Dappledown. Arriving at the town we’re greeted by Zordan offering gnome mead, which Théorn drinks. He says that we’ll have to talk to Quellesteen, the village elder, about raising Pieter and that she can be found in the tavern.

We head to the tavern. Quellesteen sits snoring by the fire, a gnome woman with a long, braided beard. Napoleon tries to buy everyone a drink, but they won’t take his money and are insulted so give him “the bad drink”. He drinks it and promptly falls asleep in the chair opposite Quellesteen, who wakes up and rises.

Théorn negotiates with her, which is helped because we apparently killed “The Pack of Queen Scar”. She takes the party (sans Napoleon) through a secret passageway behind the fireplace into her study. After some searching she offers a raise dead spell that she acquired as a gift from House Miheil, in return for 700gp (the gnomes use it when they travel outside the feywild) and a favour. The gnome village is scared of two things. First, there is a tribe of cyclops to the north that raids their town. Secondly, there is a pack of firbolgs to the south who eat gnomes. If we deal with either one of those, then the favour will be considered done. Once the favour is done we won’t be able to find the village if we return, just the paths to Titrian.

Day 2 in the Feywild:

Pieter has visions whilst deceased, of the sun, a dragon, a man with a hammer, a raven and a handshake. Then everyone awakens half-buried in soft earth and leaves. We dig ourselves out easily, feeling well rested. Pieter, alive again, senses that Shivastri knows he is back and will be searching for him.

Théorn finds a leaf attached to him. It has a message written on it that says one of his companions slew Juvis the Hag, and the curse of Black Annis is upon him. That we would best be in civilisation before night falls.

We pick a direction, think of the firbolg pack, and set off at a reasonable pace. Despite a few minor injuries and mishaps we find a firbolg camp and deduce that they aren’t far away, so we track them quickly until we get close enough to hear them, then set an ambush which quickly dispatches the firbolg pack (Encounter 3).

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
HollanFullall remainingnone20,499 (9)
MaxFullall remainingnone22,152 (10)
Napoleon525 remaining (HS value -1)none21,643 (10)
PennyworthFull1 usedFeast of Souls21,388 (10)
PieterFull1 usednone20,817 (10)
Théorn759 remainingCombat Surge, Oak Hammer Rage21,524 (10)



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