Little 'n' Large

Purity once more

Session 21

Day 48:

We enter the portal. Emerging from the other side we find ourselves in a large red cavern. Three doors exit this cavern, each into large rooms. Through the first door we can see an incline into dark water, through the second we see a large rotating cylindrical corridor and through the third we can see a room with many holes or pits in the floor. After a few minutes’ investigation arcane energy can be felt building up on the cavern, suggesting we should exit quickly.

We enter the second room and the door seals behind us, showing four elemental symbols (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) matched by the same four symbols at the other end of the corridor. One of us presses the Earth symbol at one end, and the other presses the Fire symbol at the other end. Lava begins to flow into the room, with creatures made of magma emerging from the walls and lava (Encounter 1). After defeating them the arcane energy begins to build in this room so we return quickly to the large red cavern. The door seals shut behind us and we are left with two doors to choose from.

We enter into the room with the pits in the floor. The ‘pits’ are actually a lower level. One set of elemental symbols is again on the door behind us with the opposite set at the far end on the lower level. The party splits in half to press the Earth and Water symbols. Mud flows into the lower level of the room, making movement difficult, and we are beset by mud elementals (Encounter 2). We then return to the cavern before entering the final room.

This room is the one with the incline into water. One set of symbols is underwater, so we send the non-breathing members of the party to them. We press an Earth symbol and an Air symbol. The room is filled with a dark cloud that obscures our vision and we battle air creatures and an aquatic demon (Encounter 3).

This time the door we entered by clears but it looks into a new room we have not seen before. The room is pentagram shaped, with four plinths holding gems. Energy in the room coalesces into the form of a vrok, who declares himself as Kezatakon, a servant of Pazuzu (Smax has a flashback). After a hard-fought battle (Encounter 4) we are ejected back through the portal and the waterfall. Pennyworth sporks Kezatakon through the chest and his Rod of Corruption is upgraded in power, though not as much as he’d hoped. The corruption in the temple clears and a feeling of purity radiates throughout it. Hollan drinks of the pure water in the waterfall and is blessed by a Boon from Bahamut.

Smax goes missing the aftermath of all this.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???14,955 (8)
Max???17,209 (9)
Napoleon???15,154 (8)
Pennyworth???16,445 (8)
Smax???16,918 (9)
Théorn???15,035 (8)



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