Little 'n' Large

Portal to another plane

Session 20

Day 46, continued:

Two other doors exit the room. We interrogate some prisoners before continuing. We learn that non-corrupted genasi are being kept captive waiting for sacrifice to hold open the portal to the Elemental Chaos, and will likely be executed if the corrupt genasi are alerted by either a noise or the next set of prisoners for sacrifice not turning up on schedule in a few hours. We decide to try rescue the innocents and move quickly on. Théorn runs in to a room and a fight ensues (Encounter 1).

We progress on and rescue about 50 genasi prisoners from a large octagonal room after a quick battle with the corrupted genasi and demon allies guarding them (Encounter 2). We then have a choice of two routes. One exits from the cathedral earlier and some brief scouting finds a staircase and sounds of running water at the end of it. The other route is past the prison area to a room where the portal to the Elemental Chaos is being held open by the powered gems.

After some discussion we decide to try shut down the portal before going down the stairs any further into the temple. We sneak the prisoners back to the cathedral and arm them with supplies from the armoury. After a few rousing speeches and promises we persuade them to guard us while we rest up for an assault on the portal (Skill Challenge part 1).

Day 47:

A few interruptions occur but we are able to properly rest, and then we march down and prepare for the assault. We charge in to surprise the gathered demons, clearing a route to the portal and then defending the arcane energy wielders and heavy-hitters while they destroy the four crystals anchoring the portal. We eventually succeed in disrupting the portal to close it (Skill Challenge part 2), but the genasi have all perished and some of us are badly injured. Nonetheless we then turn to eradicate the remaining demons now their power source is reduced or gone (Encounter 3).

With this victory behind us we take a short rest and then press on down the stairs to take advantage of having interrupted the flow of power to the demons in the temple. At the bottom of the staircase is a simple, small room containing a corrupted Bahamut angel and some attendants guarding a corrupted waterfall in front of a portal. The corrupted angel attacks, along with two attendants (Encounter 4) and whilst narrowly defeating it one of the attendants reveals that its master is Pazuzu.

The corrupted genasi attendant is interrogated as to what is behind the portal. The only answer we can get out of him is “The Gauntlet”. Pennyworth encourages Sparky Jr. to get revenge for his family by executing the corrupted genasi attendant. We decide that it’s safer to be well prepared before undergoing this, so take an extended rest.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???12,264 (7)
Max???14,518 (8)
Napoleon???12,463 (7)
Pennyworth???13,754 (8)
Smax???14,227 (8)
Théorn???12,344 (7)


I’ve just noticed that the spreadsheets show Napoleon as not being present for the first encounter. Is that right? I don’t remember that.

Portal to another plane

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