Little 'n' Large

Cleansing Kord's shrine of an Incubus

Session 17

Day 44:

The message suggests that Starchild (the leader of The Nine, we think) wrote prophecies for the temple to follow. Just as the message is finally deciphered (Skill Challenge) the door bursts open and 2 Balguras, a Hellhound and a Goat Demon assault us (Encounter 1).

We head down the right hand corridor and find a series of shrines to the main gods, though each appears to have been corrupted in some way:

  • A Skeletal Hand emerging from Avandra’s satchel
  • Evil light emanating from Corellon’s star
  • Rust and hole-ridden armour for Erathis
  • Ioun’s eye is weeping blood
  • Kord’s involves blood
  • The Shell (Sehanine? Melora?) is eating a baby!

Inside Kord’s shrine we find a water genasi huddled in the corner. He’s clearly scared but also incredibly handsome, which is a surprise. He’s called Lashiel and asks if Jacasta is still alive and coming to rescue him. Alas, she got eaten by a Goat Demon in the previous session. Something makes Max puzzled and she suddenly sees through the lies: It’s an incubus trying to deceive us! (Encounter 2) The party defeats the incubus and its attendant jovoks, despite Théorn being possessed and turning on the party for some of the battle.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???9,622 (6)
Max???10,425 (7)
Napoleon???9,870 (6)
Pennyworth???9,648 (6)
Smax???10,134 (7)
Théorn???9,084 (6)



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