Little 'n' Large

Approaching The Temple of the Clear Springs

Session 15

Days 38 to 41:

We pass the time waiting for Knight Saviour Stewart to arrive. Hollan prays at a shrine to Bahamut. A shaft of light illuminates him and he feels Bahamut watches over him. When Stewart arrives he offers Gauntlets of Breaching to help us fight the demons, and we assign them to Hollan. During the conversation we discover that Knight Adjunct Levia strongly dislikes Pastor Waverley. Hollan offers some thoughts on Bahamut from his prayers, which seems to confuse Levia’s feelings of hate towards him. They give us the map to the temple, which is located to the south.

Meanwhile, Pennyworth meets with Brysias’ brother. In exchange for certain financial considerations, this latter places latent enchantments upon Pennyworth’s obsidian spork. Should demonic entities now be slain with it, these enchantments will become empowered and considerably increase the item’s puissance.

We load up our supplies and head off that day, travelling south to the village of Bridge and then turning off the road to the south-west. We stay in a village called Renit for the night.

Day 42:

Travelling further south we end up further off the tracks and into more broken ground. The area seems to have little wildlife beyond the occasional bird of prey, which Théorn finds unsettling. Following the map we ride along a river bed, following markers until we reach a cave that marks the entrance to the underground village where the temple is located.

The large cave entrance has orcish runes painted on it and is marked with a skeleton, possibly from a goliath. Théorn corrals the horses nearby but doesn’t feel they will be safe there for more than a couple of days. We prepare ourselves and head inside.

Barely 50ft inside the cave we find orc bodies with clear hammer injuries, as well as passing some traps that have already been triggered. 100ft in the cavern sides become more regular, as though constructed as an intentional place to live in. We descend some steps onto flattened ground. The steps are crumbling a bit, and seem old.

About 100 yards past the stairs the room opens up into a vast cavern about half a mile long containing a small village of stone buildings. There are piles of orc bodies laid out in rows, as well as a cairn with a mordenkrad atop it (Fallen paladin?). We hear sounds of someone enjoying a hearty meal behind one of the buildings. It sounds like very messy eating. Wary of getting too close, we make a noise when about 80 yards away. A large cave troll appears from behind the building, spies us and lopes off away from us towards the other end of the cavern. We check what he was eating, and find part of an orc corpse. Expecting the troll to return with reinforcements we set up position in the town square and wait for them to come to us, which they do in due time and we battle a couple of cave trolls and their rust monster pets (Encounter 1).

After the fight we continue to the tunnel at the other end of the cavern and head further in. We find tracks that look like they’re made by a large snake, or some other creature with no legs. Some hear noises in the distance, which Hollan identifies as a creature known as a destrachan. We move swiftly through the caverns towards the sound, passing more evidence of orc corpses (and one paladin corpse).

We come to a crude drawing on a wall showing a troll with two heads and a whip. It means nothing special to any of us. We hear another loud destrachan sound from just round the corner and go to deal with it. We find the chief of the troll tribe along with his pets, a destrachan and a grick (Encounter 2).

After defeating the troll chief and his associates we search through the rest of the caverns and find no further trolls, but the entrance to the temple. We take an extended rest for while outside the entrance, and then prepare to head inside.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???8,084 (6)
Max???8,637 (6)
Napoleon???8,932 (6)
Pennyworth???9,048 (6)
Smax???8,596 (6)
Théorn???8,234 (6)



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