Little 'n' Large

More goblins, and another Ravenwing

Session 13

Day 33, continued:

After a while the forest thickens up and becomes hard to pass. We’re forced to tie up the horses and proceed on foot. As we pass through the trees we can see more and more spiders appearing. Théorn searches for goblin tracks but is unable to find any. Pennyworth recalls stories of forest-dwelling goblins and suggests searching for ruins that might have been taken over. Théorn locates an abandoned road and we travel along it for a while but still see no sight of goblins. Max spots skeletons suspended in the trees either side of the road by spider webs, intended to intimidate other goblin tribes to prevent them from entering. Napoleon, lower to the ground than the others, finds signs of a trail underneath some low-hanging branches. We follow this trail and the trees narrow as we go along, being blocked by more and more spider-webs.

Eventually we find a small stone hut surrounded by webs and trees. Two goblin sentries with strange red markings on their foreheads march back and forth in front of the hut. We ambush the goblin sentries (Encounter 1). Once the alarm is raised they are joined by several more goblins and a spider, then part way through the fight Hollan is ambushed by Bigby Ravenwing, Kadira’s uncle seeking retribution. We defeat Bigby and spare his life, though Hollan takes some of his feathers as a trophy. After this we head back to the horses and take a 6 hour rest to recover before continuing.

Returning to the hut, we have to force open a portcullis style door to gain entry. Inside we find a trapdoor covering a shaft descending into the darkness. Not far down there are fresh webs blocking the shaft. Hollan and Pennyworth set the webs alight while, then we close the trapdoor and go looking for hidden back entrances. Smax, thinking like an assassin, finds a tunnel about 150ft from the hut. The entrance is about 4ft high and doesn’t appear to have any traps, though Hollan senses a source shadowy magic further in somewhere. Smax sneaks in first, and 10 yards along a dart shoots out of the wall and narrowly misses him. He proceeds more cautiously and disarms another trap further down.

After 20-30 yards the tunnel curves to the left, back towards the hut. Shortly after this the walls start to be more solid, constructed rather than hewn through the ground. Smax notices more small spiders crawling around and hears noises ahead, but he can’t identify the source. There’s a fungus on the walls ahead emitting a dull blue light. The tunnel curves further to the left, then back to the right again towards the trapdoor. More spiders appear, and puddles of blue cave slime on the floor.

Smax returns to the group and leads us back in to where he got to. We try to sneak in but make too much noise. Théorn hears sounds of goblin activity along with rustling and chittering and we’re attacked (Encounter 2).

After the fight we continue exploring the passages, cutting through more webs. We feel an increased dark, shadowy presence. We come across a carving of a large spider, and a body wrapped in silk. More spiders appear in the tunnels, crushed under our feet as we walk. In the distance we hear more chittering of spiders and enter a cavern with many strands of spider webs. Chanting goblins in the cavern turn towards us as we enter, along with many spiders. Meditating at the end of the chamber is a dark goblin with black eyes and hatred in his gaze. Smax gets a flashback and realises he’s seen the goblin on the platform before. Battle begins (Encounter 3). Finishes at about 3am.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???6,296 (5)
Max???7,049 (5)
Napoleon???7,344 (5)
Pennyworth???7,750 (6)
Smax???7,008 (5)
Théorn???7,361 (5)



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