Little 'n' Large

Goblinfest 25!

Session 12

Day 33:

Goblinfest 25 is about to begin! First though, the mayor and her guards stop the party to discuss the fight with Korax’s followers. It seems they’re not unhappy to see them gone and turn a blind eye, though, so the group goes to see Brysias to inform her, and tell Obb on the way that we have avenged his brother. Brysias says our talon amulets are being made and should be ready by the end of Goblinfest.

We go to the opening ceremony and hear the history of the event. It’s been going for 7 years and started as a way of encouraging adventuring groups to keep the area safe for the village, like a yearly cull of dangerous animals. This year there are several groups competing: Elkovar and his gang; The Bad, The Worse and The Ugly (Clementine’s group), Sir Ulrich and Viscount Verdun, The Order of the Hammer (Paladins of Bahamut) and our party.

An orc in Clementine’s group roars for the crowd. Napoleon rides forward on Pennyworth’s shoulders and roars back. Goblinfest officially begins and we ride hard towards the Bat-wings tribe to beat Elkovar’s group, as they seem to be heading directly in that direction too.

About 4 hours in we come to terrain covering broken ground with visibility restricted to a couple of hundred metres. Théorn searches around for goblin tracks, but is unsuccessful until Pennyworth assists with detecting ley lines where Bat-wing shamans might have been working. Théorn spots a goblin sentry in the entrance to a cave (Skill Challenge) and hears sounds of arguments coming from Elkovar’s party as they search. The sentry spies us and runs back into the cave, so we follow.

There are lots of bats watching us as we walk in. They seem to have been touched by arcane magic at some point, and one suspiciously larger looking bat departs down into the caves. As we go in the cave opens up a bit with narrow ledges to the sides with low ceilings. Pennyworth hears goblin voices muttering on the ledges so teleports up to ambush them (Encounter 1).

The encounter takes half an hour, and we continue on, finding some sleeping areas and scaring some goblin kids off. Further down the corridor, past some large statues, we hear chanting. We go past the statues and enter a cave, where the Bat-wing shaman is conducting a ritual that we interrupt (Encounter 2).

This seems to be all of the Bat-wings tribe dealt with, so we leave. As we approach the exit of the cave we entered by we hear voices ahead and are ambushed by Elkovar and his gang as we exit (Encounter 3). We defeat them, sparing the lives of most of them, including Elkovar. We send them on their way and travel on towards the Spider-bite tribe.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Hollan???5,419 (4)
Max???6,172 (5)
Napoleon???6,467 (5)
Pennyworth???6,873 (5)
Smax???6,131 (5)
Théorn???6,484 (5)



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