Little 'n' Large

Mayhew's Laboratory

Session 08

Day 15, continued:

After the fight we find no further passages here and return along the corridor and go through other large door. There is a small room with 6 small fist sized holes in wall, benches on sides of room and 3 stones on each bench. Hollan enters the room and draconic writing appears on the wall in fire saying “Correllon, Tiamat, Bahamut, Vecna, Kord and Therizdun. Put these in order of greatness”. Each stone has a symbol for one of the gods. We debate this puzzle for a while, and decide to head through other door first for clues, etc.

Napoleon goes first down the corridor and triggers a pressure plate, causing a jet of flame. We locate the pressure plate and move past it, looking for more. Napoleon can’t see any more ahead of him, so steps forwards. Another jet of flame nearly kills him. Smax disables the pressure plates while Théorn hops across them and finds a library round the corner. Searching the library, Hollan walks into the middle of a gelatinous cube (Encounter 1).

After despatching the gelatinous cube and the oozes we search the library for clues. Hollan finds a depiction of the gods showing someone who had a place in the pantheon before Vecna ascended while Darkspoon finds a book on the undead that interests her. Théorn finds a box containing crudely carved figurines (chess set) as well as an ivory chess set worth 200-250gp. We return to the main entrance and take a long rest.

Day 16:

Returning to the ‘puzzle room’, Théorn places the stones in order of word length. The writing switches to say “Enter” and doors open to a corridor. Further down the corridor opens into a room in the shape of a giant chess set with life-sized pieces at the opposite end. Hollan steps onto a square (King) and is surrounded by a forcefield. The rest of us step onto spaces and the opposing pieces come to life and attack us (Encounter 2).

After defeating the ‘chess pieces’ the far doors open to a corridor full of chess piece statues of another colour. We step into the corridor and they bow as we walk past. At the end is a small room with a preserved corpse on a bed, a desk with a half-finished book and a power jewel. Searching this room further we find some weresquid ink and some fine clothes, but nothing that seems magically enchanted.

We depart the laboratory and send Hollan back to Thena to report to her that we’ve cleared it while the rest of us carry on with our mission to locate and eliminate Korax the green dragon.

Pennyworth recalls that there is a large forest to the south-east of Gosfair named Arden’s Forest, which seems a likely choice for a green dragon’s lair. We ride to the south, making good time and resting for the evening in a village called Bakersfield, some way past Trenton. The locals know nothing of dragons in the area, though they speculate that attacks on trade caravans nearby by barghests might be related or influenced by Korax somehow.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Darkspoon???3,290 (3)
Hollan???3,961 (4)

???4,307 (4)
Pennyworth???3,991 (4)
Smax???2,843 (3)
Théorn???3,602 (3)



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