Little 'n' Large

The Return of Smax?

Session 06

Day 12:

December decides to attempt to summon a zombie, using one of the scrolls found in the mine the day before. During the process, she inadvertently summons an unknown revenant assassin, who believes she is the Raven Queen and acts upon her whim. She also summons the zombie she was aiming for.

We read the documents from the necromancer’s study in more detail. It contains a letter from Lehane to his friend Zintar.

We then return to the mine. Descending into the first chamber again, we head along the partly blocked path. The ground is unstable and the nameless assassin slips. Théorn notices a skull shape in the rock wall we’re passing, but when checking for a second look we can’t locate it. December recalls information about stone-spawn skeletons, naturally occurring undead that can pass through rocks. Théorn lights a torch and a gas pocket explodes, damaging us all.

We follow the rail tracks further, and it opens into a larger section that still contains broken sections. Théorn spots a skeletal hand passing through wall, and then hears a cry (like a bird) from further in the cavern. It sounds like a bird local to the area, but has an unnatural tone to it as well. We move towards the noise cautiously, the passage opens up into a large cavern covered with large broken boulders. We see a boulder with a bird perched on top. The bird has skeletal head with glowing eyes and the boulder is squashing several body parts. The bird screeches and we’re attacked by the skeletal bird and two stone-spawn skeletons (Encounter 1). We can’t get any further along this way.

We then return to the chamber with the collapsed tunnel and continue along the rails through this tunnel. The corridor continues 50 yards into a cavern with two shafts with working pulleys to descend. We use the shafts to descend another 60 feet in the left shaft. At the bottom there are a set of tracks leading down one corridor and an ore crusher just to the left of the entrance.

We head down corridor. 100 yards in it enters a larger chamber where the tracks go across a 20ft wooden bridge spanning the cavern (60ft width). We secure a rope around Hollan and he crosses safely (just). Théorn then takes his turn, trips and falls. Hollan just barely stops him from falling. Théorn climbs up and Hollan helps pull him up, before securing a rope to help the rest of us pass.

We continue further down the passageway. Napoleon faintly hears footsteps, rasping, groaning and perhaps the squeaking of rats. We send the assassin ahead to scout. He spots a blue glow ahead. The corridor curves round to the left into a cavern. The cavern is split across the middle by a 50ft chasm. The tracks curve to the left on this side of the chasm, leading towards a rickety bridge at the end of the chasm. The assassin spots two shambling corpses on the other side of the chasm but can only identify them as zombies. They seem to be making the noises we heard. The assassin moves a little further and sees two more zombies and a swarm of undead rats. The rats spot him and attack (Encounter 2).

After very narrowly defeating them we return to town to lick our wounds. On the way out we check the body at the bottom of the mine shaft we found earlier.

Back in camp Eskerry asks for a meeting to hear how we’re getting on. We report good progress but further work needed. Théorn notices one of Eskerry’s attendants, a young woman, leaving camp hurriedly back towards the main road after our meeting. Théorn and Hollan chase after her while December and Napoleon ask Eskerry about her. Hollan catches the woman and asks why she’s fleeing. She claims she has chores to do and isn’t fleeing but she is obviously not being honest. Hollan says we’re supposed to be protecting the villagers. She says “So are they.” and further questions reveal that the Paladins of Bahamut have told her we were thieves and murderers, and wanted to be told when we finished clearing the mine. Hollan and Théorn apologise for scaring her, and say they have no problem with the Paladins.

While this is going on December questions Eskerry as to whether she is being honest with us, given the suspicious nature of the woman’s actions. The woman is called Caitlin, and has lost her husband and family to the zombies. December suggests to Eskerry that she would get very angry if we were betrayed. Eskerry shows no response to this threat.

Théorn comes back and reports Caitlin’s excuse. We dispute things a bit, but decide to deal with the Paladins when they arrive. Pennyworth returns with his new chainmail welded on.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
December???1,856 (2)
Hollan???2,527 (3)
Napoleon???2,873 (3)
Pennyworth???2,557 (3)
Smax???1,316 (2)
Théorn???2,168 (2)



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