Little 'n' Large


Session 05

Day 11:

We returned to the village, cautiously, but did not face any further resistance, so we entered the mine. The entrance was a short corridor ending by a pulley operated lift heading down about 200ft. We took the lift down and arrived in a large chamber with three sets of train tracks heading off, two into separate corridors on our left and one into a corridor on our right. The first corridor to the left showed signs of fallen debris disrupting the tracks, though it might still have been passable. From the second corridor to the left we could hear sobbing, sounds of anguish and loss.

We decided to head down the corridor towards the sounds of the sobbing. After 100ft the corridor turned to the left slightly and opened up a little into a cavern. There were more signs of rocks falling here, along with a ghostly apparition of a man on his knees in the centre, sobbing. As we entered the cavern he stopped sobbing and turned to us, before screaming loudly as 3 skeletons appeared at the sides of the cavern to join him in attacking us (Encounter 1).

After a difficult fight (though two natural 20s on Théorn’s death saves) we investigated the shaft at the back of the cavern. It seemed to be about 40ft deep and we could see a body buried in the rubble at the bottom of it. Rather than continue further down though, we decided to explore the rest of this level first to ensure we weren’t attacked from behind anywhere.

Returning to the original large cavern we explored the corridor to the right. About 200ft along it opened up a bit and we could hear low moaning and shuffling some distance further down. There was also a creaking noise coming from somewhere closer and to the right, perhaps through some sort of opening in the wall.

Further on we found a side-tunnel to the right, leading into an area that appeared to be hewn a bit more carefully. The tracks continued along the main tunnel, but we decided to explore this side passage first to avoid being flanked further on in case there was anything dangerous down there. This area looked more like a storage and administrative section. We found mining equipment, cases full of rotting food and a makeshift shower. There were also a few rudimentary medical items and we were able to fashion two wound patches. At the end of the passage there was a door, and the creaking sound was coming from behind it. It sounded like an unstable chair.

Hollan and Théorn kicked open the door and we came across a necromancer and some zombies (Encounter 2). We found the necromancer’s initial contract (1,000gp per month) and some letters of correspondence. It seems he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder and was getting tired of summoning zombies. He was researching how to summon a wight.

We burned the bodies to prevent reanimation and headed further on down the corridor to investigate the moaning sounds. Napoleon snuck up to the edge quietly, but the zombies spotted him (natural 20!) and attacked. We formed a line, used powers to set it up as difficult terrain to enemies and mowed down 16 of the walking dead with little difficulty (Encounter 3).

We then burned the bodies and headed back to Eskerry to report the first level mostly cleared and to take another extended rest.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Darkspoon???1,540 (2)
Hollan???2,211 (2)
Napoleon???2,557 (3)
Pennyworth???2,557 (3)
Smax O’Doom???1,000 (2)
Théorn???1,852 (2)



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