Little 'n' Large

A new job

Session 04

Day 7:

We discuss the possibilities of using the underground lair as a base or storage area, but when we exit the lair Théorn destroys the ladder behind us.

Heading back west towards Ravensburgh, after an hour’s travel Théorn finds tracks of an injured shifter. Following the trail to a clearing we found the dead body of a young shifter, with its throat torn out as though pierced from behind. The body bears the markings of the Children of the Red Moon tribe. We followed the tracks of the attackers. They resembled the tracks of light, unshod horses which didn’t make sense given the terrain, and there were odd gaps in the tracks here and there before they appeared further on. After some discussion we suspect some sort of fey creatures on a hunt. The tracks ended between two ancient oak trees in the centre of a clearing. The flora around the clearing seemed out of step with the current season. We suspect there is a portal between the oak trees but couldn’t find a way of activating it and continued towards Ravensburgh (Skill Challenge).

Arriving in town we headed directly to Pastor Waverley‘s church, passing by the remains of a large bonfire outside. Pastor Waverley wasn’t around but Albar gave each of us a flask of holy water, which he said could quench any thirst. We then informed the Wheelwrights that we would escort them to Gosfair the following morning, and went to The Orc’s Head to look for Cezar.

At The Orc’s Head we had a meal while waiting for Cezar to get to us on his rounds of the inn. First of all he informed us that he had acted as the middleman for Ma Fledwin hiring Kadira and her Raven Wings as mercenaries to attack us in retaliation for the death of her son(s).

Cezar then told us he was hiring on behalf of a woman who needs a mine near Gosfair cleared of undead creatures. He offered 500gp for the job and an extra 100gp worth of expenses is negotiated. He agreed and offered to put us in touch with reputable traders for the expenses. We agreed to do the job, and Cezar informed us that if we signed with him he would not look favourably on our working for others. There was some argument regarding signing a (blank) piece of paper which ended with us agreeing that this mission was a trial run.

The mine is owned by Eskerry Mortensen and is located about half a day from Gosfair. To get there we have to take the south-eastern road towards Gosfair and then about two-thirds of the way, past a village called Bayard, take an easterly branch towards a village called Steering. After accepting the mission, we would need to travel to an inn in Steering to meet Eskerry for further details.

For the rest of the evening, we sent Théorn to Pastor Waverley to purchase a Scroll of Resurrection. December Darkspoon went to visit Thena, the halfling priestess of Ioun, to see about getting her cloak of repulsion resized for a halfling. Thena did so, embellishing it with pink hearts, and invited Darkspoon to a sermon in Ravensburgh in two weeks’ time at midnight. Napoleon did a little shopping, selling a couple of unused weapons and buying a whip.

Day 8:

Waking early, we used the expenses money to purchase a healing potion, a tent and some food for the horses. We encountered nothing on the path and spent the night in Bayard.

Day 9:

Heading on towards Gosfair, we parted from the Wheelwright family within sight of the town due to the large number of Paladins of Bahamut around it. We were spotted though, and 5 paladins rode hard out to meet us as we headed back towards Bayard. They caught up with us and hailed us. We swapped introductions and Jakira, the head of the group, asked us where we were 7 days ago when one of their leaders, Knight Commander Dergan, was murdered and defaced by a dwarven paladin called Smax O’Desperation. Knight Commander Dergan was raised back to life and is now hunting his killers, while Jakira and his men are looking for a lost temple to Bahamut.

We travelled back to Bayard and took the road to Steering. When we got there we found a town with enough housing for about 80 residents, but a further set of tents had been set up outside for 40 or so more people. We were told Eskerry was in one of the tents so we went to talk to her. She gave us the background to the mission.

Eskerry Mortensen and her husband fled from Affen 30 years ago and started up the mine as a business. “Kerry’s Mine”, as it is now known, is about 600 yards long and on 2 levels. About two years ago they hit a pocket of natural gas and the resulting explosion killed over 20 men, including Eskerry’s husband. To continue the business she hired a necromancer called Lehane to raise undead to work the mine, as the walking dead are cheaper and safer. They had a work force of approximately 25 undead. This worked fine until about 4 weeks ago, when suddenly the zombies came out of the mine attacking the local village next to the mine (a short distance from Steering). They killed about a dozen villagers, who may now have been animated too.

We took an extended rest in Steering before heading on towards the other village and the mine.

Day 10:

Heading towards the mine, we entered the outskirts of the village and were attacked by several zombies and grief motes (Encounter 1). We struggled with the fight, mainly due to the two invisible grief motes, and returned to Steering for another extended rest before continuing on to the mine.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
December Darkspoon???1,540 (2)
Hollan???1,594 (2)
Napoleon???1,940 (2)
Pennyworth???1,940 (2)
Théorn???1,235 (2)



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