Little 'n' Large

Asmodeus Cultists

Session 03

Day 6:

Deal with prisoner by handing him over to Pastor Waverley after his mother, Ma Fledwin, tries to buy his freedom from us. We then travel east, tracking the Asmodeus worshippers. We spot gnolls on the horizon watching us, but they don’t attack. We are ambushed en route by Kadira and her Raven Wings (Encounter 1), a group of kenku lead by a swordmage. Take an extended rest after the fight and then carry on.

Late that evening we find the shack hiding the entrance to the Asmodeus worshippers. We burn the shack down and move the stone slab covering the entrance to the underground lair. Descending, we fight our way through some guards (Encounter 2) but are eventually blocked by some magic fog. Defacing the demonic symbols clears the fog and we attack Pavel, the leader of the Asmodeus worshippers, and his guards (Encounter 3). We take an extended rest in the lair.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Darkspoon???1,304 (2)
Hollan???1,358 (2)
Napoleon???1,704 (2)
Pennyworth???1,754 (2)
Théorn???999 (1)



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