Little 'n' Large

The Beginning

Session 01

Day 1:

Meet Merrick and Lady Rosalinda Bashir in The Temple inn, in Ravensburgh. They hire us on behalf of Duke Erron Banster to go out adventuring and make a name for ourselves. Once we’re well known enough they expect us to be approached by Duke Zekiel Andrashar for employment, and they want us to accept and to work as undercover agents until such time as we’re needed. We’re to be paid a monthly retainer of 100gp per party member per month. As a first lead for adventuring, we’re informed of a family of wheelwrights going missing on the way from Ravensburgh to Gosfair.

Day 2:

We buy supplies and take the south-east path to Gosfair after a warning from a local resident of kobold attacks on south-west path. We are confronted en route by 3 racist Paladins of Bahamut from Stralen, whom Smax O’Desperation picks a fight with (Encounter 1). Spend the night in an inn in a town called Bridge.

Day 3:

Continue on the way to Gosfair. Find it semi-occupied by a group of Paladins of Bahamut from Stralen called The Order of the Hammer. No sign of the Wheelwright family. Spend the night here (where?).

Day 4:

Travel back towards Ravensburgh by the route not taken previously. No encounters on the first day’s travel. Camp for the night by the path.

Day 5:

Along the rest of the way we find the Wheelwright family’s cart overturned, with kobold corpses around and tracks leading into the forest. We follow the tracks and find the entrance to the kobold caves. Battle sentries (Encounter 2) here, outside the caves and chasing them into the entrance cavern. Searching the cavern afterwards we find a secret entrance into a chamber where a young human girl is about to be sacrificed to Tiamat, and several prisoners in a cage. We interrupt the ritual (Encounter 3) but unfortunately Smax dies in the ensuing battle.

Character status at end of session:

CharacterHit PointsHealing SurgesDaily Powers usedExperience
Darkspoon???496 (1)
Napoleon???896 (1)
Pennyworth.???896 (1)



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